Thursday, 13 October 2016

Food: Autumn Lunchbox Ideas

If you're not familiar with #foodprep then do you even Instagram? Packed lunches are something I thought I'd left behind upon becoming a sixth former and being able to buy a panini for lunch but that was before the War On Carbs and the "wellness" movement. Not to mention that buying lunch everyday can add up to the equivalent of a holiday over the course of the year. That 1pm trip to Itsu now seems a little less appealing.

This month, Florette challenged me to put together an autumn-inspired lunchbox because salads are for life and not just for summer. This is super easy to put together and uses ingredients that may be in your fridge needing to be put to use or you can batch cook the quinoa and sweet potatoes for this recipe and use them throughout the week.

autumn lunchbox salad


Florette Crispy leaves - cooked sweet potato (cubed) - cooked quinoa - feta cheese - sun-dried tomatoes - artichoke hearts

Prepare the ingredients:

1. Cook 1 cup (dry) of quinoa according to packet instructions with a pinch of salt and a good squeeze of lemon juice. You won't need all of the quinoa in this salad so save the rest for making buddha bowls or my quinoa sushi.

2. Slice up your sweet potatoes into 1cm disks and place on a baking tray, brushed with a little coconut oil. Roast for 20-25 until softened. Save the leftover sweet potato for the next day's lunch (or do as I did and eat for breakfast with a sprinkle of cinnamon - less strange than it sounds).

autumn lunchbox salad


1. Mix Florette Crispy leaves with some quinoa as the base of your salad.

2. Layer up with chopped up cubes of sweet potato and crumble on the feta.

3. Avoid a soggy salad by putting the sun dried tomatoes and artichoke hearts in a separate compartment - add to the salad when ready to eat.

autumn lunchbox salad



  1. Oh that looks so tasty! Sophie x

  2. This looks so neat and tidy - and tasty! Can't beat a bit of good quality food prep hehe!

  3. This sounds so delicious, and what a great idea to have a separate section for the wetter ingredients so it doesn't go soggy.


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