Friday, 22 July 2016

Home: DIY Fragrance Blending

One of the many joys of solo living is scenting my tiny apartment with candles, incense and essential oils. Scents can instantly change our mood, they can be calming, energising or even bring back memories (one whiff of Escada's Rocking Rio perfume and I'm 18 again).

The Bolsius creations kit allows you to pick a fragrance to suit your mood from a range of "pick and mix" fragrance chips which can be used solo or combined into a fragrance cocktail of your choosing (there are some suggestions on the website as a starting point). The fragrance chips are placed in a ceramic diffuser - I'd never used one of these before but loved how fast one tea light melted the chips down into a smooth, fragranced oil and unlike with incense there is no mess or faff. The simply designed diffuser complemented my pineapple collection nicely, too. Once the tea light has burned down the oil slowly solidifies ready to be re-used. Three fragrance chips will provide over 10 hours of fragrance - pretty impressive!

For my first fragrance experiment I chose a calming blend of sandalwood, velvet rose and English lavender combining to make a soothing scent experience. I secretly love the smell of lavender but it can be a bit overwhelming on its own but combined with the rose and sandalwood it's perfect for de-stressing from the day just gone by.


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