Friday, 25 March 2016

Recipe: Japanese Style Burrito Bowl #MixItUp

For this month's recipe challenge, Florette wanted me to mix it up with their mixed leaves salad bag. As British "springtime" isn't quite playing ball just yet I wanted a recipe that was more warming and filling than a standard salad but still light and colourful. I took inspiration from burrito bowls, sushi (my favourite food ever) and the bibimbap that I learned to cook while in Seoul. This month's box contained wasabi and multi-seed quinoa which both got used in my recipe. (The Booja Booja truffles don't really go with salad but have to be the nicest vegan chocolate I've ever tried).

For my bowl, I swapped rice for multi-coloured quinoa for a lighter dish and while my recipe uses eggs, you could swap this element for tofu for a vegan option. The best thing about this dish is that it's really flexible - any colourful veg and protein options could be used and it'd be a great way of using up leftovers so there isn't really an "ingredients" list as such.

This month's box.
Japanese Style Burrito Bowl - Vegetarian

So easy! Cook your quinoa and while it simmers for around 20 minutes stirfry some portobello mushrooms with a dash of soy sauce. Mix two eggs with a pinch of salt and a pinch of sugar (or stevia) and pour into a small frying pan to make a Japanese-style omelette. Cut into strips once it's cooled a little. Lastly chop your cucumber and carrots into fine strips. Arrange the mixed salad leaves, quinoa, chopped vegetables and omelette in your bowl with contrasting coloured ingredients next to one another. I used a folded sheet of nori for that Japanese touch and extra crunch (you can buy nori sheets in Waitrose by a brand called Clearspring or Itsu sells mini nori snack packs).

japanese burrito bowl

japanese burrito bowl

japanese burrito bowl



  1. That looks yummy! I know what I'm having for dinner tonight!

    - Elodie x

  2. oh my god quinoa sushi rolls is genius! defo adding to my to-make list x


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