Wednesday, 16 December 2015

#SaladSecrets - Christmas Edition

Salads and Christmas are maybe not the most expected combination but when Florette challenged me to come up with some Christmas-inspired recipes using their salad leaves I got my thinking cap on. I wanted to come up with recipes that were festive but were vegetarian, on the healthy side and quick to put together. This month's gift box contained chestnuts, dried cranberries and ground cinnamon. I've not eaten chestnuts before, let alone cooked with them! Did you know that chestnuts are low in fat and calories compare to other nuts and are packed with fibre, vitamins and minerals? They contain antioxidants and can help our immune systems and so are the perfect food for this time of year.

Florette Salad Recipes

My first salad recipe is perfect for a starter or a party nibble - as my first Christmas as a veggie looms I'll definitely be recreating these to share with friends and family as they are so easy to make, don't require cooking and are super tasty. Chestnuts have a mild nutty taste which goes so well with goats cheese and cranberries add a sweet, Christmassy touch.

Florette Salad Recipes

Chestnut Bites

1 can chestnuts (240g) - 75g dried cranberries (3/4 pack) - 150g soft goats cheese - 1 bag Florettes superfood salad

Blend the chestnuts (leaving a few whole for decorating the salad) until they are ground down into powder, add the cranberries and blend again until a crumbly dough forms. Add to a mixing bowl and mix with the soft goats cheese. Form into balls and serve on a bed of Florette super food salad leaves, sprinkling the whole chestnuts and a few dried cranberries on top.

Florette Salad Recipes

Florette Salad Recipes

My second salad uses traditional Christmas veg - it's suitable for vegans and a great side dish for sharing.

Maple Cranberry Christmas Veg

Parsnips - baby carrots - maple syrup - cinnamon - dried cranberries - Florette baby kale (adjust quantities for how many people you are serving for - no weighing / measuring needed)

Chop parsnips, drizzle with oil and roast for 20 minutes, add the carrots and sprinkle over the cinnamon, a glug of maple syrup and a small handful of dried cranberries and roast for another 15-20 minutes until cooked. Serve on a bed of baby kale.

Florette Salad Recipes

Florette Salad Recipes

I felt like such a domestic goddess for these - until this year I'd never really cooked anything and using the oven still feels a little scary but maybe all my watching of Food Network has paid off!



  1. I love chestnuts! I've had them from street vendors at Christmas time and they are so tasty and so Christmassy. Blending them with goats cheese sounds amazing as well!

  2. I love chestnuts at this time fo year too, especially crumbled over salads and sprouts.

  3. Chestnuts are my favorite food on the face of the planet but I ONLY allow myself to eat them on Thanksgiving and/or Christmas/New Years and THAT IS IT! That's probably why I love them so much, because they're a holiday food - and I ADORE the holidays!


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