Monday, 7 December 2015

Myvitamins - The Beauty Bundle

Beauty comes from within, so they say. Whether this statement refers to "inner beauty" or the importance of nourishing your body from within, at the age of 28 I'm definitely in agreement with both interpretations.

No matter how much money you spend on expensive products, there is really no substitute for eating well and sleeping properly. A few sessions with my "friends" cake and chocolate and seeing 3am a few too many times really makes my skin suffer. Taking vitamins is not a substitute for a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle but they can help to top up nutrients that we may not be getting enough of - especially at this time of year. When Myvitamins got in touch about their beauty bundle, I couldn't wait to try it out although the Christmas Party Vitamins look great too for an additional December boost!

I got sent the Total Acai Berry, True Woman - Hair, Skin & Nails, Essential Vitamin B Complex and Essential Vitamin E. The packaging of these vitamins is so unique - the bright, flat pouches make a welcome change from bottles and make the vitamins really easy to transport so no leaving them behind when I go home for Christmas!

Essential Vitamin B Complex - B vitamins are essential for the metabolism of energy and so help with tiredness and fatigue - something I think we all suffer from at this time of year (no point in having your party outfits all sorted if you are too tired to even show up)! This complex contains all 8 B vitamins - including vitamin V12 which is found in meat, fish, dairy and eggs so is one that vegetarians and vegans can struggle to get enough of. B vitamins have loads of benefits for our skin, hair and nails including promoting hair growth, minimising acne and strengthening nails.

Essential Vitamin E - these gel capsules contain antioxidant vitamin E. Antioxidants prevent cell damage occurring from pollution and UV radiation - despite it being winter our skin can still be damaged by UV rays and while taking vitamin E is not a replacement for using an SPF every day (yes, even in winter) it can help to boost our skin from within. These vitamins are no longer in stock but the Complete Daily Vitamins contain vitamin E (note that these capsules contain gelatine and so are not suitable for veggies but you can find vitamin E in tablet form via the multivitamins).

Total Acai Berry - Acai is a superfood and I can't scroll through my Instagram feed without seeing an acai bowl these days! Acai as a food can be expensive and hard to find in the not-so-tropical UK and so these tablets containing the equivalent of 3000mg of acai berry and mean that we can take advantage of the benefits of the berry. Acai berries are an antioxidant and an anti-inflammatory and so can help with acne and hyper pigmentation. Acai berries are also great for our immune systems - another must at this time of year!

True Woman - Hair, Skin and Nails - this multi-vitamin contains all of the essential vitamins and minerals for healthy hair, skin and nails and are a great starting point if you are new to supplements. Zinc helps repair damaged tissue and skin wounds and can be beneficial for acne suffers and biotin can help hair to grow stronger. These are also out of stock but True Woman Complete is a great substitute.

For 20% off the entire Myvitamins range use code XMAS20 on the site.

Do you take any vitamins for a boost?

FYI - I am not a doctor and so please do your research before taking any vitamins or supplements and consult your doctor if need be. The site lists out all the ingredients so you can check for allergies or for any specific dietary requirements before you purchase - not all vitamins are suitable for vegetarians due to the capsules being made from gelatine (I do still eat things with gelatine - it crops up in a lot of foods - sweets, yogurts etc - so always always check labels if you want to avoid it!).


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