Sunday, 20 December 2015

Christmas Baking with Canadian Maple Syrup

Christmas is the perfect excuse to eat more cake (as if any of us need one!) and when We Love Maple got in touch I couldn't resist the chance to have a go at making a festive wreath cake. Pure Canadian maple syrup is a healthy alternative for use in sweet (and savoury) treats. Deliciously Ella's recipes frequently make use of it as an ingredient - it's natural, suitable for vegans and high in antioxidants and minerals. Maple syrup is a Canadian staple and Quebec produces 90% of Canada's maple syrup. 

I love maple syrup in porridge and on healthy pancakes for a touch of sweetness but I've never used it in a cake before. The wreath recipe-builder offers 500 combinations of cake bases, fillings, icings and decorations - phew! I spent a while setting on a maple angel cake, filled with maple-lemon cream, iced with dark chocolate and maple icing and topped with chocolate shavings. You can see my recipe result and instructions on how to make it here. I am definitely a novice baker and have to admit that this recipe did feel quite daunting - my lack of knife skills and baking implements resulted in a round cake rather than a wreath but it still tasted amazing! Let me know if you give any of the recipes a go - I'd love to see your final results and there are so many options to suit different tastes and skill levels. 

we love maple wreath cake
The four varieties of Pure Maple Syrup - extra light for a sweet delicate flavour, light for drizzling over pancakes, medium for cooking and amber for sauces and glazes. 
we love maple wreath cake
The finished cake - the bronze sprinkles are edible, the star anise are not! 
we love maple wreath cake
Ready for impressing Christmas guests - even if it doesn't have a hole in the centre (but that means more cake)! 
we love maple wreath cake
The lemon-maple cream in the centre of the cake - yum! 
What are you baking this Christmas?


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