Monday, 22 June 2015

Wimbledon - And Working Off Those Tennis Treats

Wimbledon fortnight starts next Monday and I couldn't be more excited. As a teenager, I used to dread the two weeks of tennis as it meant that Neighbours was cancelled in favour of a "boring" sport  but now I love everything about the tournament - I actually (sort of ) understand the rules now and the white outfits, the queuing etiquette and, the best bit, the strawberries and Pimms are just so British.

I was lucky enough to go in 2010 (possibly the only British event I've been to where it hasn't rained - it was crazily hot!) and this year I'm planning on catching as much as possible at One New Change as  part of the Great British Summer season - as tempting as it would be to skip work to queue for the day it would be a little awkward if, like last time, I popped up on the BBC in the crowd.

Whether you're at Wimbledon or watching on the sofa, you're going to need snacks - some of the matches (correct word, yes?) can go on for hours and watching other people exercise is exhausting. Central London Apartments have put together this infographic showing how many minutes of tennis it would take to burn off those strawberries and cream:


Make mine a G&T, please! And if the idea of playing any sort of sport is not your thing then, worry not, check back soon for a guilt-free Wimbledon-inspired dish.

Are you a Wimbledon fan?



  1. Very interesting post, I'm waiting for Wimbledon tournament <3

  2. I love Wimbledon, super excited for it to start! xx


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