Monday, 8 June 2015

Las Vegas - Around The World

Years ago I remember reading how three-quarters of Americans don't have passports. While this escapes them from the horror of having to get passport photos done, it seems crazy not to have a tiny little document that literally opens up most of the world to you. Well, now I know that you can see a good deal of the world just on the Vegas strip. And also that America (even the tiny part of it that I have seen) is so awesomely varied that maybe there really is no need to brave the passport photo booth after all...

las vegas new york new york
Crossing the Brooklyn Bridge at New York New York. Quicker and easier than the time that I actually crossed the Brooklyn Bridge at midday in July. Don't do that.
las vegas new york new york
Manhattan-style buildings outside New York New York.
las vegas new york new york
The New York skyline and Statue of Liberty. And, yes, we went on the roller coaster - Mummy Lipstick came too!
las vegas luxor
Down the strip to Egypt at the Luxor.
las vegas chaser's palace
It's always twilight in Ancient Rome at Ceasar's Palace.
las vegas venitian
Venice minus the bad smell (I've not been to Venice but I hear reports that it smells bad?!). We took a gondola ride with a couple on their honeymoon while being serenaded by our gondola skipper. The outside of this hotel is awesome - exploring at 9am with no other tourists around really gave us a chance to appreciate the detail, just because something isn't "real" doesn't mean it's not amazing.
las vegas venitian
Casual gondola at St Mark's Square inside the Venitian. It might have been the ever-present dim lighting or it might have been the frozen margarita but I did actually feel like I'd been transported to Italy here.  The ceiling was apparently re-painted three time to achieve the perfect sky-blue hue.
las vegas mirage
Not seen a volcano erupt in real life? Me neither but the one outside The Mirage erupts on the hour, every hour.
Where's on your to-visit list? 



  1. All your Vega pictures are blowing my mind Lily!

  2. This is kind of insane but wonderful, I love the Brooklyn Bridge!

    Maria xxx

  3. Wow, I really want to go to Vegas it looks amazing!

    Tanesha x

  4. Wow, I really want to go to Vegas it looks amazing!

    Tanesha x

  5. Ohh wow, looks like you had an amazing time - that roller coaster looks super scary! xx


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