Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Protein Power With Exante

Today's foodie post is packed with protein. Despite the marathon being over I'm definitely not hanging up my trainers (although the ones I wore for the marathon could maybe do with a bit of a wash..) and after a couple of weeks of taking it a bit easier I'm definitely back in the gym now. Not, I hasten to add, to get a "bikini body" but because exercising makes me feel awesome all year round and is something I love to do - chilling out after the marathon was actually pretty frustrating despite it being exactly what my body needed!

I've been trying out some of Exante's protein-packed products. Protein is ideal after a work out as it helps to aid muscle repair and protein keeps you satisfied for longer and therefore less likely to snack on that colleague's birthday cake at 11am. All of Exante's products are high in protein and contain one-third of your RDA of vitamins and minerals and so are a great addition to your diet for after the gym and on busy days when it's all the more tempting to grab something less healthy. The products I tried all contain around 200 calories making them great for a post-gym breakfast or afternoon snack and a great way to easily incorporate more protein into your diet.

exante protein diet review

The Crunchy Cereal was the first product I tried - despite being mixed with water the resulting "cereal" tasted really creamy and was more satisfying than a shake due to the crunch factor. The cereal was a lot sweeter than my usual porridge and while not being quite like a regular bowl of cornflakes this kept me full for ages and would be perfect for an on the go breakfast. 

exante protein diet review

The Strawberry Cheesecake smoothie mix (exclusive to the Sam Bailey plan) also just requires water and yet still tasted really creamy. This tasted really sweet but didn't have that "protein" taste that a lot of shakes have. I was worried that mixing with water would result in a really thin shake that wouldn't taste good but that wasn't the case. 

exante protein diet review

The Blueberry Pancakes required a little more effort on my part! The powder mix needs a quick stir up with water before being fried and flipped - my dubious cooking skills managed to make three pancakes and they flipped easily and didn't stick, phew! These tasted really good - perfect for a weekend breakfast and by the time I'd cooked them I forgot that they were high protein.

exante protein diet review

Finally, dessert - 200 calories and a protein hit definitely means that it can be a "yes" to dessert. I was a little sceptical about the Tiramisu but despite it not looking particularly pretty it tasted really good - not too sweet and the flavour was lovely. This felt like a sugar and caffeine fix in one but without the dessert guilt (or sleepless night) to go with it.

Have you tried Exante? What are your favourite protein products?



  1. Protein cereal sounds good. I sometimes add some unflavoured whey to my bircher muesli to give it a boost, but it's generally not that easy to have something sweet and protein-filled for breakfast, so cereal would be a nice change.
    My favourite protein product is definitely Quest bars - they taste more like a treat than a healthy snack!

  2. I shouldn't really be looking at these when I am hungry. I love making protein balls and peach smoothies.

    Casey - ATopsyTurvyBlog

  3. These all sound delicious! I have to say, i'm quite partial to a post-workout peanut butter Cliff bar, but maybe I should give these a go instead!

    - Elodie x

  4. I like the sounds of protein cereal, never had it before though. Your pancakes look amazing!


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