Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Workwear v Wednesday Adams (Again)

Continuing my Wednesday Adams themed work wear today. I promise I have been wearing more colour at the weekends but I'm actually enjoying wearing all back - blame the continuing bad weather or just that it isn't Friday.

ASOS lace collar dress
ASOS lace collar dress

This lace collar dress is an ASOS find, it's actually in the sale now! It's a super fine knit so perfect for the office and the lace collar keeps it just cute enough. Oh, and I have it in navy, too. Soon my entire wardrobe is going to be duplicates...

Do you repeat buy favourites?



  1. Love the cute little lace collar Lily!

  2. Gorgeous dress! I love wearing all black too <3 xo

  3. Lovely! I really like the quirky lace collar on the dress.

  4. I am always buying duplicates of things! Love this dress in you, the collar is ace :)

    Maria xxx


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