Sunday, 18 January 2015

Slim-Fast Challenge: Week One

When I was contacted by Slim-Fast I first thought of the cans of diet shakes that Mummy Lipstick used to drink in the early 1990s - something which, at the time, looked intriguing but belonged firmly in the "adults only" category along with wine, blue cheese and medicine in tablet form (wot, no Calpol for grown-ups?).

The brand has since changed significantly and now has a whole range to help assist in losing the pounds so, back in the midst of December, I said yes to taking on the Slim Fast Challenge and then fell headlong into a holiday (pancakes for breakfast and G&Ts every evening) and then back to January where endless chai lattes and the odd (/daily) Kit-Kat seem like part of the winter survival kit.

That was, until I stepped on the scales for the first time in a year and realised that this challenge could not have come at a better time - it turns out that despite my regular spin classes my diet of afternoon tea and burgers that often grace this blog has not left my waistline unscathed. (Short backstory - I lost a lot of weight on my gap year by cutting out the bad stuff and not eating a large pizza for lunch on a regular basis, lost a fair bit more while at uni by taking up calorie counting like it was a sport and since starting work have slipped into a social life involving around restaurants and the "one biscuit won't hurt, oh wait four biscuits won't hurt" and the "I'm still in the office at 8pm and NEED a slice of cake" mentality).

The Slim-Fast plan is a low calorie diet but there's plenty of variety and snacking is encouraged. Each day consists of three snacks (a Slim-Fast snack or fruit), two Slim-Fast meals and one healthy 600 calorie meal. I was worried that I'd be staving, moody and miserable but the snacks tasted like a genuine treat and the bars and shakes were a lot more filling than I expected them to be. The shakes, meal bars and snack bars are all on the sweet side so for my one daily meal I actually craved veggies and savory foods.
Slim Fast review
My box of products to last the challenge...eek!
Slim Fast review
Snack time - Chocolate Caramel Treat and a green tea.
Slim Fast review
I've been having my "proper meal" at lunchtime as it suits my working day better - this quinoa pot and green juice from Pret comes in at 600 calories.
Slim Fast review
Chocolate shake for breakfast - these taste a lot better than I was expecting them to!
So one week in and I'm pleased to say I've lost 4lbs, have stuck to the plan religiously (swerving office cakes and boredom snacking) and still socialized and eaten real food. Granted, dark evenings and the general social slowdown of January have made things easier but I'm motivated for the next two weeks, and, more importantly keen to get back on track this year and back into some of the clothing items that have mysteriously "shrunk" in my wardrobe.


  1. 4lbs! Good work! Best of luck with the rest of the challenge.

  2. Very interesting! Slimfast is pretty retro. You know with my health coach hat on I don't think these are great, but different things for different people and if it's working for you then fair enough!

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  6. I wish they would make the shakes with more natural ingredients.


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