Saturday, 10 May 2014

Dinner At Mildred's

Soho is hardly lacking in dining options but on a Monday bank holiday a fair few of them were shut, including 10 Greek Street where my friends and I were intending to dine at but met outside it to discover that it was definitely not open.

My friend P suggested that we try Mildred's instead as she'd been there before and rated it highly. Thankfully it was open as it's been on my list for a while. Mildred's is a vegetarian restaurant offering a really wide range of foods (which did make it rather hard to decide what to have) which span global cuisine but are all meat free. There are some vegan and gluten free options too making this a great venue for veggie and vegan friends who usually get stuck with the dullest dish on the menu. The restaurant is tiny and appeared very cramped as we navigated our way to a table in the corner but once seated it didn't feel like we were squashed in - despite a large number of diners packed into a small space it wasn't noisy and natural light floods in from the skylight making the small space feel light and airy. The close proximity of tables also meant we were able to check out what other diners were ordering before making our choices:

My friends both went for burgers, the halloumi burger with sweet potato fries and the "burger of the day" with regular fries. Both got the seal of approval - especially impressed that my meat-eating friend rated the veggie burger highly. Almost everyone in the restaurant was eating a burger when we walked in and they did look pretty good. The burger of the day changes daily (duh) and on our visit was made of red rice. I am feeling burgered-out of late and have sworn off them for a while so had the aubergine tagine. The tagine was lovely - just the right level of spicyness. Our waitress was super friendly and happy to explain all of the foods to us - for meat-eaters there are some things on the menu that you may not be au fait with but I get the impression that Mildred's attracts a real range of diners, from super strict vegans to meat-eaters just looking for something different. For Soho the prices are really reasonable - mains are around the £10 mark. The desserts looked amazing but sadly we were all too full from the mains but I am definitely tempted to pop back and just have pudding.

Have you tried Mildred's?



  1. Ah lily this looks amazingly good!

  2. I loved Mildreds! It serves decent veggie grub, jam-packed with flavour for a good price without being too serious. Such a good find! We just deffo have a DT dinner here xxx

  3. Looks gorgeous. Those burgers look yummy.

  4. I've never been to Mildred's but the food looks awesome!

  5. Oh my goodness, this looks amazing, I LOVE veggie food, especially halloumi burgers!

    Maria xxx


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