Thursday, 3 April 2014

Ping Pong Dim Sum Masterclass

I love dim sum so when I was invited to a dim sum making class I was beyond excited. I am an enthusiastic but very unskilled cook due to not really having my own kitchen to practice in so, worries of setting the restaurant on fire aside, I joined Elodie at Ping Pong for a dim sum masterclass. It was a lot of fun although after a few cocktails I'm not sure if we really mastered anything aside from actually eating the dim sum... I'll definitely appreciate the effort that goes into making the little dumplings next time I'm eating them!

The first step to dim sum mastery is obviously to don your chef's hat and look the part (and take a selfie).

Spicy crackers to fuel us through the class. We learned how dim sum is made - from making the pasty and filling to the steaming process. A dim sum chef trains for years to learn the skills of making the perfect dumpling...we had about half an hour but were up for the challenge.

A jasmine guava cocktail to aid the creative process and my very own dim sum basket for my creations.

I volunteered to have a go at rolling the dim sum pasty so invoked my inner Nigella - it is so much harder than it looks to get it in a perfect circle!

how to make a gif

Me making the slightly easier triangle-shaped parcel. The chef demonstrating for the sixth time how to make the much harder har gau shape. The art of the perfect dim sum is in the folding of the pastry -it needs to be neatly pleated and pinched tight to stop it exploding mid-steam.

My very own creations ready for the steamer. They may not have looked perfect but they tasted pretty good once cooked.

We feasted on a selection of Ping Pong's menu after making it through the masterclass - this honey chili chicken rice pot was delicious and a great compliment to the dim sum.

A selection of spring rolls and fish cake with hoisin sauce came next. We also had steamed dumplings made with the professional touch (the chicken and cashew dumpling is amazing - definitely my favourite), ribs and fish dumplings with a flowering tea to finish (sadly un-pictured as they were just too good and demanded to be eaten straight away).

The lychee and roses cocktail was a favourite from past visits to Ping Pong - almost too pretty to drink.

Have you tried dim sum?


  1. This sounds like a blast Lily!

  2. YUM. I'm so sad I missed out on this, the food looks incredible! x

  3. Dim sum is one of my favourite foods. I would love to go to something like this. :-)

  4. Oh wow. This looks amazing. I bet you picked up some great skills.

  5. This all looks so yummy!


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