Monday, 3 March 2014

Pancake Day (Shh... They're Healthy)

I was starting to wonder why my local supermarkets had put up entire displays devoted to pancakes until I realised that Pancake Day (nee Shrove Tuesday) is tomorrow! Pancake Day definitely belongs on the list of "things that were more exciting as a child" (along with Jonathan Creek, the BRIT Awards and anything "fun-sized") but I still like to make an effort for it because adult life needs something fun and nostalgic sometimes.

I thought I'd turn my poor cooking skills and cupboard-sized kitchen to making some pancakes and while the pre-mix was very tempting, I thought I'd have a go at making my own. While the Nutella called my name from the shop display I decided to have a go at a slightly more saintly version. Sure, Pancake Day comes once a year and it was traditionally the big pre-Lent calorie fest but this was a time before we all ate far too much sugar and unhealthy processed foods the rest of the year. I ignored the pleas of the Nutella and asked Mr Google for something a little healthier.

These are the Bodyism recipe - I just halved all the quantities to make "pancakes for one". Laura has some great healthy pancake recipes on her blog and I've made the Blogilates two ingredient pancakes in the past which are super easy (although one to avoid if you don't like bananas as they have quite a banana-y taste).

Pancake ingredients. No flour or "bad" fats. These pancakes are really high in protein from the eggs and cottage cheese and oats are an all round "good for you" food so they'd be great for breakfast too.
Toppings - Cocoa nibs taste like crunchy dark chocolate and you only need a very small amount to get a chocolate hit. Chocolate and raspberries is a winning combination. Lemon and sugar was my favourite pancake topping as a child and Stevia is just as sweet but with far fewer calories. Fresh lemons are probably preferable but I love my giant bottle of "Lazy Lemon".
To make just blend all the ingredients in the first picture in a blender until smooth. Heat up your frying pan and pour in the batter. I was too scared to attempt tossing the pancakes in the confined space of my kitchen so rolled them instead. Once all three were done I popped them all back in the pan to make them equally golden and warm up the first two.

Topped with cocoa nibs, raspberries and a sprinkle of Stevia for a chef-like finish. Next time I'll try to make sure the sizes are a bit more equal but as they were all for me it didn't really matter!
These were pretty easy to make and I was surprised with how well they turned out given that I'm not the most skilled at any type of cooking. I'm definitely going to make them again for lazy weekend breakfasts and try out a few different toppings. The taste and texture are a bit different from regular pancakes but knowing that they're a lot better for you makes up for that and they won't cause a sugar crash and leave you craving more sugary rubbish. 

Do you make pancakes for Pancake Day? And what are you giving up for Lent?

I'm giving up clothes shopping which is going to be tough as there are so many pretty things in the shops at the moment that I fear it could be harder than quitting bread was last year...



  1. These look awesome. :-) I'm hoping that we have pancakes tomorrow, but the hubby is working so it may have to wait until the weekend. I won't be giving up anything for lent, in fact I don't think I ever really have.

  2. They look so good - please come around and make me some?

    I'm just giving away anything naughty for lent, but that's more an excuse to slim down before bikini season starts than anything! Haha!

    - Elodie x

  3. Thanks for the pancake recipe shout out! These look great, so delicious. I'm looking forward to making some this evening!


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