Sunday, 30 March 2014

Insta-Updates: March

Spring is in the air (sort of). Here at Lipstick towers the winter clothes have been packed away regardless. Here's what March has involved:

1. Celebrating the one year anniversary of my Louboutins. Sad that the red soles are less red but shoes are for made for walking in (even if they don't always feel like they are).

2. Breakfast of Kings. Americans get the best flavours although my arteries are probably glad that cinnamon brown sugar "flavor" isn't available readily in the UK.

3. Book club - since having a Kindle I've barely bought any "real" books so its been a nice change to have a paper read although maybe more awkward when people see what you are giggling away to on the tube. If you enjoyed the film, you'll probably like this (and vice versa).

4. Party time at Bodo Schloss - go just for the amazing alpine smell.

5. Street food at One New Change - my standard weekend (window) shopping haunt, it's always so quiet!

6. Indoor picnic with the girls in my flat.

7. Love the retro packaging of these.

8. Dinner at Bill's - amareto sour cocktail while being indecisive with the menu.

9. Opted for all the sides - halloumi salad and sweet potato fries.

10. St Patrick's Day Parade - witnessing the attack of the very hungry caterpillar.

11. Lunch at The Wolseley - I have given up bread for Lent but couldn't resist this (it's posh bread, and it was a Sunday). Favourite destination for relaxed lunches, the atmosphere and service are always spot on.

12. Dinner at Itsu.

13. Grand Budapest Hotel at the Barbican cinema. A beautiful Instagram-alike film in my favourite cinema.

14. Warehouse's Fashion Shooters event - Instagram themed food and juices in film canisters, such a cute idea.

15. Wah nails at Fashion Shooters - in awe of the steady hands of my manicurist and love how fresh white nails look.

What did your March look like?


  1. Sounds like a great month. I've partied at Bodos Schloss quite a few times - Don't remember anything from them though, haha.


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