Monday, 10 March 2014

Brunch at Bill's

Bill's seems to be a blogger favourite although until last weekend I'd only visited once. My friend K and I had plans to visit the new(ish) Kingsway branch for brunch and it didn't disappoint:

We booked a table (starting to tire of no-booking restaurants and having to queue for ages so points awarded to Bill's for this) although the restaurant wasn't super busy so it would have been fine to just show up. K had the porridge with bananas, honey and hazelnuts which came in a huge bowl and looked amazing. I had the "veggie breakfast" which was so good - I'm not actually vegetarian but don't eat pork which rules out at least half of most breakfast menus. This definitely felt like a combination of all my favourite foods - poached eggs, hummus and guacamole in one meal - yum! There are a few other veggie options and Bill's also do gluten free toast as an option with all the breakfasts.

We sat chatting through brunch and didn't even notice when other diners came in, ate lunch and left. It was so nice not to be rushed from our table and definitely the perfect relaxed Saturday brunch. 

Have you been to Bill's?


  1. Oh my gosh, how hadn't I noticed their veggie breakfast before?! Poached eggs, hummus and guac = the key food groups for Michelle ;) x

  2. I'm totes having that veggie breakfast next time I go!

  3. We visited Bills in Lewis but only had coffee, next time I will definitely be having some food!

  4. Looks lovely. I'm not a veggie either but I often try the veggie breakfast for a change.

  5. A Bill's opened up near my old work place and it had some bad reviews. Although I never ate there myself, food looks lovely.

  6. Do love Bill's. Always deliver yummy food.


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