Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Meat-Feast: Barbecoa

It was my friend P's birthday last week so while thinking of ideas for a January birthday treat the obvious thing that came to mind was: MEAT. Meat is still a popular and on-trend thing to eat, I think. Before meat was so fashionable I barely ate it but I'm starting to appreciate it more. The burger trend has definitely been my "gateway" meat and by the end of this year I might even progress to eating steak. We'll see.

Back to P's birthday - I made a booking at Barbecoa, Jamie Oliver's restaurant at One New Change for birthday lunching. Before going any further, if you're a vegetarian then this is definitely not the restaurant for you. If you're not, then you must go. It's amazing.
We started with the Puglian Olives - giant green olives served on ice.
Peach Tea-Ni. Something about green tea infused Hendricks makes daytime drinking seem almost good for you. That's a lie, daytime drinking is good for you regardless of what you are drinking but this was very nice.
My child tastebuds still haven't graduated to steak just yet. The brined and roasted chicken breast was a good beginner meat - chicken can often be a bit dull but this was so tasty and the southern fried banana was an interesting touch.
P had the BBQ pulled pork with cornbread and winter slaw.
Duck fat chips and winter slaw on the side. I am a thin chips only kinda girl but I tried one of these and it was pretty good. Must be the meat coating. The slaw was nice and had apples in it so more health points there. I really like slaw at the moment. It's come such a long way from back when it was only served at the Pizza Hut salad buffet.
The dessert menu was tempting but we were too full. Next time... Had I noticed that Apple Pie cocktail at the time then I would have ordered that.
The star aspect of the restaurant is the amazing view of St Paul's. I love the interior - despite being a city restaurant it didn't feel at all corporate and the leather  benches and rustic wood decor makes gives a nice relaxed atmosphere. On a Saturday the restaurant was busy enough to have a buzz but not be packed. The loos have Cowshed handwash and handcream so extra points for that. I imagine its a different story on weekdays and that the £70 steaks on the menu are probably popular with city folk having expensed lunches here. There is also a weekend brunch menu which is more affordable if you can bear to be awake before midday at the weekend. Another time...
The afternoon's entertainment (aside from my musings about whether cats and dogs to go heaven) was the sky gradually darkening over the dome of St Paul's, followed by an epic thunder storm. Not wanting to venture outside, our waiter left us to enjoy the warmth of the restaurant and didn't rush us to pay up and leave. Which was nice because it looked really, really wet out there and there was some pretty cool forked lightening happening which would have been less cool had I been outside to witness it.
 What is your favourite restaurant for meaty meals?


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  1. Lily that last picture is such a beauty! Another restaurant to add the the list it seems!


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