Monday, 27 January 2014

One More Cup of Coffee

Coffee comes pretty high on my list of "favourite things" so when Iconemesis got in touch about their iPhone cases, I just had to pick this coffee-adorned one. For it's first outing I paired it with an ASOS sale purchase while still had the tag on it (new years' resolution should be to wear new things within a week of purchase) and took it out for, well, coffee (and brunch):

Top: ASOS Petite, Skirt: Topshop, Tights: Topshop, Watch: Watch Warehouse, iPhone case: c/o Iconemesis
For my friend S's birthday we brunched at Caravan on Exmouth Market. Having visited the Kings Cross branch back in the summer I knew we were in for a treat:
Menu perusing with phone and fur stole.
A "long black" with soya milk on the side. Love the cute mini milk bottle!
One of my friends played blogger for the day and took some photos for me - thanks, S! This is the coconut bread with lemon cream cheese and rhubarb, the Welsh rarebit with poached egg and a side of chili beans
Welsh rarebit
Coconut bread close-up. I had this on my last visit and it was so good.
Five of my friends ordered the chili beans with goats cheese. Bad for blog post food variety but it did look good. Here with a side of chorizo.
French toast with bacon.
Chili beans in close-up.
Brunch table.
In blogger mode.
I had the baked eggs for one with a slice of grain toast. This was delicious - I'd never had baked eggs before and have definitely been missing out.
Caravan is one of my favourite brunch destinations - I definitely need to re-visit to work through more of the menu. We had a good 2 and a half hours at our table to chat and catch-up and my food was a little late in arriving so our waiter gave me a second coffee on the house, great service especially as the upstairs of the restaurant was absolutely packed.

What does your phone wear? And where should I add to my "to brunch" list?


  1. MmMmMmMmmm need to go here! French toast!

  2. This colour looks lovely on you!
    And that milk bottle is so cute! I want to drink all of my beverages out of one


  3. Love this top on you Lily! And I feel a Dream Team trip to Caravan is required!

  4. This looks AMAZING, so much gorgeous food here!

    Maria xxx

  5. You looks great... stylish and classy...
    foods great...
    Sinus migraine


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