Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Dry January - Skincare Essentials!

Whether you have given up booze for January or not (I definitely fall into the "not" camp there), your skin is in need of a drink in January regardless. Although not one containing gin or a glass of fizz. This is definitely the time of year where our skin cries out for moisture and a glowing complexion can seem hard to imagine when its dark at 4pm and our skin is subject to gale force winds, freezing rain and dehydrating central heating.

I couldn't wait to try some of Soap & Glory's offerings to help my skin get back on track and try to offset the effects of winter weather.
The line-up: Bright Here, Bright Now, Make Yourself Youthful Super Serum, Glow Job. Just the names are enough to already make you feel a little brighter, no?
Glow Job promises that "weekend away" glow, even in winter. Being a year round pale person, I was worried that this would make me look like I'd been Tango-ed but the cream is actually a creamy beige colour rather than a fake tan bronze so it wasn't at all scary to apply! The Bronzeburst Beads create a super subtle glow and would work for any skintype. The moisturiser itself has a lovely light texture and this would make a great base for make-up on no-foundation days or just when you feel like a bit of a boost while we all wait for the sun to make an appearance again.

Next up is Bright Here, Bright Now. This is my favourite product - it reminds me a bit of Clarins Beauty Flash Balm which is always up there in those lists of celebrity essentials.  This has a slight minty scent and it felt really refreshing on my face. I could really feel this product getting to work and it left my skin feeling soft and looking refreshed. Definitely one for after those late nights which will hopefully be creeping back into my social calendar soon...

Since reaching the grand old age of 26 I've been taking more of an interest in anti-aging products. The packaging of this serum is really cool and definitely makes me feel better about using an anti-aging product! The formula boasts peptides and collagen precursors to battle wrinkles - ingredients often found in far more expensive products. The serum has a fresh scent and absorbs really fast. Anti-aging products can feel thick and heavy but this is so light - perfect if you're trying to protect your skin from aging but still worry about your face turning into an oil slick. A lovely addition to my nighttime skincare routine.

L-R: Bright Here, Bright Now, Make Yourself Youthful, Glow Job
Have you tried any of these products?


  1. Not tried any of these but really like the sound of them after your review!

  2. nope not tried em. what sort of prices?


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