Saturday, 18 January 2014

Dancing On Ice

As a summer girl, winter's in London are long and dreary. Thank goodness for Netflix. But, when my friends suggested ice-skating I jumped at the chance to do something that while screaming "winter!" sounded like it could be fun. Taking advantage of a lack of pre-Christmas crowds, we headed to the Canary Wharf ice-rink. I don't work in the wharf so found skating between giant buildings and fairy-let trees quite beautiful although it may be a different story if you're stuck on the 30th floor of one of the office buildings and have to watch people skating all day long...

Skating OOTD: Coat - Zara (old old), Dress: Closet via Dorothy Perkins, Socks: c/o Farlows
And the best bit (besides gracefully gliding across the ice)? Warming up afterwards with a chicken chilli men in Wagamama.

Have you been skating this year?


  1. I haven't been ice skating this winter booo!

  2. Haha it looks like you had so much fun Lily!

  3. I would love to go skating but I think I'd break my neck!


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