Friday, 13 December 2013

Arcade Fire Ball

On a Monday night a few weeks ago, I found myself dashing through the City in a sequin dress, fur cape, gold mask in hand. After getting a few odd looks from men in suits on the tube I found myself in the most stylish queue I have ever been in. The reason? Hannah and I had tickets to see Arcade Fire at The Roundhouse in Camden and the ticket stated "formal dress or costume mandatory" so coming straight from work was definitely not an option. Masks and suits seemed to be a popular theme. We doused ourselves with glitter spray in the queue and I tried not to think about having to de-glitter myself in time for work on Tuesday.

The gig was amazing - The Roundhouse is one of my favourite venues and for once at a gig I could almost see the stage (standing gigs require flat shoes which is not idea when you are 5'1). The band played quite a short set, most of their new album but with a few old favourites thrown in. Confetti rained from the ceiling during the last song and jumping in the air trying to grab it while dancing around in a gold mask suddenly seemed like the only way to be spending a freezing cold Monday night.

Dress: H&M. Cape: John Lewis. Mask: Gift shop @ The Southbank Centre. Plimsoles: Dorothy Perkins.

Can someone invite us to a masquerade ball?
What was the last occasion you dressed up for?


  1. I love Arcade Fire and that sounds amazing! Love your outfit, I went to a masked ball a few years ago and it was so much fun

  2. Ahh you both look awesome! I would love to go to a masquerade ball, let's organise a blogger one!

    Maria xxxx


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