Sunday, 3 November 2013


September is a very busy month for my family - we have my birthday, my dad's birthday my parents' wedding anniversary. This year we also had a family holiday, me starting a new job, me going to a wedding and, oh, me again going to Edinburgh all getting in the way of celebrating.

So last weekend, we went for a belated lunch at Smiths in Spitalfields, owned by John Torode of Masterchef fame. We ate in the upstairs dining room which was quite quiet on a Sunday afternoon but perfect for chatting and catching up. The same menu is served in the downstairs bar area which was absolutely packed. The menu lists the source of all the produce down to which farm the various meats come from. Talking of meat, the menu is definitely a meat-lovers ideal. There are some vegetarian and fish options but meat is definitely the focus.

I ordered from the brunch menu and my parents ordered from the main menu, both of which were on offer on Sunday.

My parents both had the burger which came with bacon, cheese and fries. I was surprised that the waiter didn't ask how they would like the burger cooked but this wasn't a problem as it was perfectly done and still pink in the middle. I tried a bite and a chip and can confirm that it was very good.

I had the veal escalope from the brunch menu which came with a fried egg, anchovies and spinach. Less photogenic than the burger but this was absolutely delicious. The egg was perfectly cooked and had a bright orange yolk. The veal was so good and the portion size was very generous.

We weren't particularly hungry so for dessert opted for the chocolate torte with salted caramel cream with three spoons. I still love salted caramel despite feeling like its quite ubiquitous these days. The chocolate was so rich that a third of it was definitely enough but it was the perfect sweet end to our meal.

Have you tried Smiths?


  1. That burger looks divine!

  2. They look yummy mmmm :xxx


  3. The chocolate torte looks incredible. I would've ordered that as well!

  4. I'm a sucker for desserts so that chocolate tart looks incredible. Ha and my stomach has just started rumbling!



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