Sunday, 10 November 2013

Le Weekend - Angelinas

When asking around for places to eat in Paris, Angelina's was recommended by a fair few people, possibly on the basis of its hot chocolate alone. On Sunday morning we headed to the Rue Rivoli for brunch (although by the time we got there it was 1pm, fashionably late!). The queue was already out of the door but it moved quickly. I couldn't resist snapping some pictures while we waited:

I like the sound of the religieuse caramel. Saintly, I'm sure!
Cakes and macarons to take away. Having bought the entire stock of a pharmacy's Bioderma the day before my purse cried at the thought of €1.80 each.
We were seated upstairs and started to peruse the book-like menu. There's a lot of choice, from breakfast dishes, savory meals and a lot of cakes. I ordered a pot of cacao tea which smelled amazing and continued to peruse the menu. The waiter answered with a prompt "non" when I asked whether soya milk was available so sorry, purse, for ordering a €5 bottle of Diet Coke too...

Getting in my five-a-day.
Pink pastry and apple turnover. How pretty are the peach-edged plates?
Salmon salad. The mini jug for the salad dressing is too cute.
Croque Monsieur.
Club sandwich and pommes frites.
Choc d'Afrique. The Great British Bake Off would be proud of that glossy sheen on the top.
Seasonal macaron flavours.

Angelina's does feel a little touristique - I don't think there were many French people in there, the service wasn't amazing and it is a little pricey (€10 for a fruit salad!) but we were not rushed and were left happily chatting away at our table for a good few hours. The decor feels a bit tired but it does feel quintessentially Parisian - over-priced food and slightly unhelpful staff all adding to the experience. You can't book so try to arrive early to get a table (the queue was huge by the time we left) or if its a nice day grab some macarons and cakes to take away and sit in the Tuileries gardens.

The weather then took a turn for the worse so we hopped on the Metro to Saint-Paul to browse the Marais. French designer boutiques, perfumeries and street food abound in this fashionable district. I seriously love falafel so my friend S and I hunted down L'as Du Falafel (as recommended by The New York Times, and, according to the outside of the restaurant, Lenny Kravitz). There's a whole street of little cafes selling falafel and long queues outside each one.

A falafel feast.
As the clock struck huit-heure it was time to depart and hop back on the Eurostar, with lighter wallets, heavier bags (that'll be the Bioderma) and a little piece of Paris to take back to London.

Au revoir!



  1. Lily this looks like heaven!

  2. Ahh I love Angelinas! Definitely touristy and overpriced but the cakes are soooo good it's worth it!

  3. Oh you are really making me want to go back to Paris, especially for falafel and Lenny!

  4. That falafal looks math watering!

  5. I love Paris. It is my favourite city in the world. And French food is some of the best. Everything looks gorgeous and so beautifully presented. I'm very jealous, I wish I was in Paris right now.

  6. Angelina's is amazing, but everytime I've been, the queue has been so slow!

    - Elodie x

  7. Oh wow, this looks lovely, touristy yes but what's wrong with that?! ;)

    Maria xxx

  8. They look yummy

    pls like my page :x


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