Saturday, 30 November 2013

Insta-Updates: The Month Before Christmas

I feel like I've barely sat down in front of a computer this week (with the exception of working hours which are all spent in front of a computer but that's different). Sometimes it is nice to take a little step back from online life - swapping iMessage chat for real life chat, eating non-photogenic food and (trying) to re-charge my batteries ahead of the festive season.  Here's what I've been doing:

1. Just a little after work drink at Sushisamba. The cocktails are a little pricey but they are satisfyingly strong and the view is beautiful.

2. Dessert at the ball I went to a few weeks back. Lemony "thing" with shortbread and raspberry puree.

3. I definitely did not have this Wahaca salad two nights in a row.

4. What I look like when wearing about five times as much make-up as I usually do (at the Soap & Glory bloggers event).

5. Southwark Park fireworks.

6. A flying pig for the Lord Mayor's Show. The sun did come out for the last five minutes of the parade.

7. Starbucks with mummy and daddy. It was 2 for 1 on Christmas coffees so we had one each and a 4th to share. The orange mocha is nice in a sickly sweet sort of way.

8. Fireworks for the Lord Mayor's Show.

9. Mini sharing desserts at work event.

10. Nails of the week - it'll probably be a nightmare to remove but I do love glitters still. The shade is Sardonyx.

11. Designing my own show with The Colour Studio. This turned out to be a bit of a monstrosity! Mr Louboutin has nothing to fear.

12. Taking home a pair dyed by the professionals. Now all I need is for someone to invite me to a party to wear them at.

What has your month before Christmas been like?


  1. Wahaca salad twice?? Jealous!!

  2. Great!!


  3. You look gorgeous in that pictures. And loved catching up earlier in the week!

  4. Looks like a fun month! Love your make up in that pic, a bit of black eyeliner looks awesome!

  5. cute heels:)

  6. Wow your eye make up is awesome! Loving the look of the dessert and jealous of Sushi samba. My friend always has events there and I have always heard good things! I need to move to London!


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