Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Travel Journal: Marbella

A few days after returning from Madrid, I hopped on a plane to Spain again. I should really get some sort of loyalty card after this year. This time I was with my parents and we stayed on the Costa Del Sol - not a new destination for a family holiday but having not been to the Spanish coast for...oh, about fifteen years I was looking forward to discovering it as a "grown-up" and to not having to eat a plate of chips for every meal (the idea of Spanish food is terrifying as a seven year-old, paella has prawn heads in it for goodness sake!). Oh the days before the word "carb" entered my lexicon...

Feeling slightly restless after a lot of pool time, I hopped on a bus to Marbella - yes, the destination favoured by the cast of TOWIE and yes, "no carbs before Marbs" was my pre-holiday mantra despite never having actually watched the show. The town that I discovered was, in fact, a million miles away from fake tan and cafes serving full English breakfasts with Radio 1 blaring that I was expecting. I'm sure those sorts of places are there if you look for them but the old town was really beautiful - cobbled streets, outdoor cafes and, due to British schools going back the week before my visit, blissfully quiet! I had a fun morning exploring by myself on foot and indulging in the best sort of carbs that Spain can offer - churros!
You know you are getting old when you think things like "oh, wow, look at that beautiful bench!"
Churros + Chocolate = Amazing.
Food porn. Don't look, don't look!
When the waiter put the plate down in front of me, he gave me a "I bet you can't eat all of that" sort of look. I like to prove people wrong and bravely rose to the challenge. Sorry, arteries.
I stumbled across the most amazing vintage shop - Deja Vu on the Calle Pedraza. So many beautiful things and lots of lovely quotes. Surely the ideal would be a man to buy me some YSL? (I joke, I joke - I'm an independent women who can buy my own. Ahem.)

Ourdoor dining in Orange Square.

One of the restaurants in Orange Square.

Little touristy shops in the Old Town.

Have you visited "Marbs"?



  1. I have to admit, shows like TOWIE have totally put me off of Marbella (even though, like you, I've never actually watched it), but your account has definitely made me quite curious; I love Spain (read: churros, paella & sangria), so I'd definitely be tempted to consider trying it out next time I'm booking a holiday xx

  2. Marbella sounds really lovely, glad you had a great time. Those churros look yummy! :-)

  3. That bench is stunning!
    These photos are great, "marbs" is definitely somewhere I want to go one day!



  4. This looks lovely and SO far from what I had thought it was like!

    Maria xxx

  5. It looks absolutely beautiful there! The churros have got my stomach rumbling!

  6. Next time you're off somewhere hot, pop me in your suitcase please Lily!


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