Monday, 14 October 2013

Insta-updates: Autumnal

Autumn's in the air and so far I'm enjoying it. Maybe because time seems to be going by so fast at the moment that it only feels like last week that we were in the middle of the Great 2013 Heatwave. I'm not complaining, time supposedly flies when you're having fun, doesn't it?

1. Finally wearing my Louboutins. No buyer's remorse here, they really are the most comfortable heels I own based on my experiences of only wearing them on carpet.

2. Lovely birthday gifts from the Dream Team. Gin, mascara and a restaurant journal - they know me too well.

3. Early morning runs in the autumn mean getting to see the sun rise over London - best start to the day.

4. Never-ending stairs outside the Tate Modern.

5. Treating myself to a mani-pedi at Nail Girls, I read Marie Claire and drank coffee while my nails got made presentable.

6.Catching up with my friend C who's been in Singapore for the last six months over a Byron feast - skinny burger and corguette fries.

7. The changing skyline of the City of London.

8. My first (and probably last - I was terrible) time playing disk golf on a weekend break in Leamington Spa for D and P's wedding. Think an 18-hole golf course but with frisbees rather than golf clubs and balls. Oh, my jet-set life!

9. A night out in Leamington - hello £4 cocktails!

10. Brunch in Leamington - pancakes with maple syrup and banana.

11. I switched off "Blogger Mode" for the wedding and this was one of the only photos I took, obviously it was of the dessert.

12. I popped up on Sarah's blog wearing my Ray-Bans.

13. Celebrating the end of the working week with dinner at The Chinese Cricket Club which, yes, does serve Chinese food (I had to ask).

14. Brunch at Jaks in South Ken, an old favourite lunch venue of mine. Perfectly poached eggs are one of my favourite foods but are sadly far beyond my cooking skills.

15. I think this counts as pre-half marathon carb loading. A slice of carrot cake and a glass of soya milk at Hummingbird is guaranteed to make you feel like a six-year-old again. 

16. My medal from the Royal Parks Half. Loved this race - the route was beautiful, the weather was perfect and I got a PB.Obviously its all down to the carrot cake as my training was slightly lacking in actually going for runs and sleeping properly.



  1. When you get a proper kitchen I will teach you how to make poached eggs!

  2. Is that PINK gin? if so you are doing Autumn in style! I was in London about this time last year visiting a friend and she brought me to Byron, you just made me nostalgic for a repeat trip!

  3. I love how all the pictures have autumn reds in them!
    great post!


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