Saturday, 21 September 2013


In the past, photos were taken on a camera containing something known as "film". They were then taken to be developed, picked up a few days later before being poured over and tucked away into a photo album for browsing on rainy days.

These days, Instagram is about the nearest thing I have to a photo album so when I heard about Stickgram I couldn't wait to get some of my finest Instagram masterpieces converted into magnets. The Stickgram ordering process is so quick and easy - just link up your Instagram account, select your finest photos and you're done. I chose some of my favourite summer memories to adorn my fridge and remind me of sunshine during the winter ahead (and a few foodie snaps as that's what most of my Instagram feed is comprised of).

What do you think of my newly decorated fridge?


  1. Oooh I'm liking the look of these - off to the website I trot!


  2. Ahh, that's brilliant. Need to get some of these for my instagram too.

  3. Love! I was just thinking that no one really prints photo's now, its sad in some ways


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