Thursday, 19 September 2013


For the past few years, my "uniform" rules have looked something like this:

An above-the-knee dress which may be worn with heels, brogues or sandals. In winter, opaque tights, a cardigan and boots may be added to the uniform. Occasional use of accessories is encouraged.

This "uniform" has served me well for work, weekends, parties and holidays. There's something so easy about just pulling on a dress in the mornings. However, this uniform has meant that a lot of pieces remain undiscovered for me - I rarely wear skirts anymore, I frequently admire cute blouses in shops but never buy them and I have not worn or owned jeans since a pair of black Topshop skinnies that saw me through the "emo years" and then were ditched along with the blue-black hair dye in 2006.

The dress-only uniform has also resulted in me all but abandoning casual clothes. Sure, dresses don't have to mean "dressed up" but they'll never have the same laid back nonchalance of the perfect jeans-and-tshirt ensemble. Occasions where people tell me to "just wear jeans!" bring me out in a cold sweat of panic and I'm forever grateful that I don't work in an environment that has "casual Friday" as its gradually become the case that I just don't do casual clothes.

New seasons always bring new style challenges so I've decided that for A/W 2013, my style challenge will be to "go casual". I don't think I'll ever be a jeans-and-tshirt girl but I'm going to try to relax my style a little and enjoy some "non-uniform" days when I don't just reach for a dress.

Top: Zara; Skirt: Stradivarius (both purchased in Spain); Brogues: Office; Ankle Socks: Primark
I couldn't resist this linen tshirt from Zara in Madrid. The fabric makes it slightly more dressy than a regular cotton tshirt and I love the vintage print and text that reads "Question: What if we never met?". The cotton pencil skirt is a good way to ease into casual if you're not used to it - the shape is smart and traditional but in a softer, stretchier fabric it definitely feels "non-uniform". I love brogues and despite the end of summer I didn't feel too sad about re-introducing these to my wardrobe. The lacy socks add a boy-meets-girl finish and are a good compromise when its not quite cold enough for tights. 

What are your favourite casual pieces?


  1. I always dress casual! i think the skirt really suits you!
    I love the shoes

  2. I love the brogues lily!

  3. You look great! I think it is nice to shake up your style every now and again :-)

  4. I find casual hard to do too, swapping blouses for tshirts is my winning tip!

    Maria xxx


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