Sunday, 1 September 2013

Pretty In Pink

During my teenage years, I had a fortnightly date which took place in the bathroom at my parents' house. The date was with a box of drugstore hairdye. My ever-changing hair colour was not too popular with my parents (the bathroom fittings never recovered from a particular application of permanent blue-black dye), probably stood in the way of my being made a prefect at school due to a multi-coloured look the week that selection was taking place but did make a good talking point among friends who would rarely see me with the same hair colour between meet-ups and relatives who were shocked that I would want to swap my naturally blonde hair for anything out of a bottle.

Having had my natural dark blonde hair for the past six years (I gave up the hair dye on my gap year once my hair started snapping off in protest) I thought that my relationship with hairdye was long over, only to be rekindled in the capable hands of a salon colourist once my hair starts going grey (so hopefully not for many, many years). However, hair dye and I had a brief dalliance last week - a few weeks off work between jobs with a birthday party and two holidays (so plenty of hair washing) in between resulted in me covering my hair with pink goo in my bathroom one Friday evening and realising how much I had missed being able to change my look for under £5 while fearing permanent damage to my bathroom fittings (only joking, landlord!).
Hair dye: Schwarzkopf Colour XXL in 93 - Shocking Pink. I clipped up the top sections and applied the dye to the underneath of my dry hair. After 20 minutes I mixed some dye with conditioner and applied it to the ends only of the top layer of my hair and left it for 10 minutes more before rinsing out.
Dress: Laura Ashley (vintage via my mum).
Pink hair really is the summer fling of hair colours, three washes in and its already faded a lot but like all good summer romances, its there to be enjoyed while it lasts and then promptly forgotten about once the last traces of it are washed down the plug hole and I return to being a natural dark-ish blonde (and to being able to wear by red clothes again). Pink hair makes me feel a little bit like '90s Courtney Love and a little bit like a My Little Pony. A little bit grunge and a little bit girly. As my 26th birthday approaches its sometimes all too easy to get swept up into adult life panic but a few weeks of pink locks are the perfect antidote and a reminder that I'm still young(ish) and that I shouldn't take myself or my hair colour too seriously.


  1. Pink hair is always a winner lily!

  2. Ahhh, love the pink hair look on you! Looks amazing. I haven't been near hair dye in ages - I used to go for the jet black/blue tints.

  3. The pink looks fab on you. I've only ever had higughts in my hair once. I
    really fancy something a bit different though.

  4. The pink looks lovely in your hair! I would love to have pink ends for a bit, but I think my hair is too dark... x

  5. I love it! Your hair colour is similar to mine, so I might have to give this a go. :)

  6. I have never dyed my hair but I have been craving candyfloss hair recently!

    Maria xxx

  7. Your hair looks so good Lily! Wish my hair would take well to dyes, I did a sneaky spray-on purple dip dye on Saturday night in a moment of madness! xx

  8. Love this hair colour on you! I have never dyed my hair although I'm sure I spied a sneaky grey on hiding earlier on...!


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