Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Party Dress

As a child, parties were pretty exciting events in my limited social calendar; pass-the-parcel, musical chairs, copious amounts of usually banned e-number containing foods (I was partial to Party Ring biscuits - can you even still buy them or do the kids of  today demand something more exciting and additive-laden?) made for a hyperactive few hours, usually followed by being taken home in tears due to someone else winning the My Little Pony in the pass-the-parcel. One particularly traumatic party involved everyone turning up in the Clarks keyhole shoes of the day and then mass panic when it was feared that we might have gone home wearing someone else's pair. If I ever get around to wearing my Louboutins out, I'll be keeping them glued to my feet all night.

Childhood parties required a pretty party dress, of course. Having a family member with Selfridges staff discount meant that I was probably definitely the best dressed child at parties. And is the possible root of my obsession with pretty dresses, but that's for another time...

These days parties are a little different. I consume less e-numbers and don't end up crying but I do still like to wear a party dress. My birthday isn't until the middle of the month but I celebrated this weekend with friends over cocktails, pizza and ping pong at Bounce.

Having topped up my pink ends, my planned pink dress would have made everyone's eyes hurt too much. Luckily, I went to the Darling sample sale on Saturday and picked up this lace dress for only £15. I'm not usually a pastels person but the blue-grey lace complimented the pink hair and didn't make me look washed-out as I fear pastels usually do. The dress didn't need any accessories aside from my vintage shell earrings and a pair of New Look wedges - perfectly suitable footwear for playing ping pong!
Twirlin' my skirt.
Favourite childhood party memories?


  1. You had the perfect party girl outfit on Lily!

  2. ee you look so cute! i love that colour on you xx

  3. ee you look so cute! i love that colour on you xx

  4. That dress is so pretty! Love the lace and the shape is so flattering on you. Loving the pink in your hair, too!

    xo, Michelle
    Neon Rattail

  5. This dress is so lovely on you Lily! And Party Rings are the best biscuits ever!

  6. This is the most beautiful colour, it suits you so well! loving the pink hair too! x

  7. Oh I love this dress
    and I am seriously craving Party Rings


  8. Love the dress, such a pretty shade on you.

  9. Wow Lily, this is one of the most gorgeous dresses I think I've seen you wear! And yes, party rings most certainly do still exist. A party isn't a party without them in my opinion!

    - Tabitha at Scared Toast x

  10. Gorgeous dress. It looks fantastic on you! I love the fitting. Darling have some great pieces.


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