Thursday, 12 September 2013

Madrid - What I Wore

Dressing for a city break can be a challenge. I resent carrying heavy bags which makes it quite easy for me to pack light but when it comes to what to actually pack, taking fewer items means that everything needs to really fight for its place in my tiny suitcase. Summer city breaks present a further challenge - temperatures in Madrid were around 35 degrees but in a city where everyone else is going about their normal daily lives, my "beach holiday" pieces definitely had no place in my suitcase. Brits seem to find it difficult to dress for hot weather in a city and this summer has shown me all sorts of examples of "what not to wear" in London. FYI, a bra and a skirt is not acceptable for lunchbreak sunbathing with colleagues, a bikini is not suitable attire for walking down Fleet Street (the beach is about 20 miles away) and pallid beer bellies have no place on Oxford Street. 

My city break packing tips:

1. Roll, don't fold. Rolling clothes means they take up less space in your suitcase and don't end up creased. Pack an outfit for each day plus a couple of extra options for if you want to get changed for an evening out. Getting ready in the morning is so much quicker when you have fewer options to choose from which means more time exploring a new city.

2. Leave the heels at home. City breaks for me involve walking miles to absorb the atmosphere of a new city. Comfortable shoes are a must and heels take up more bag space then they are worth. A pair of sandals, flip-flops and a pair of Converse-style plimsoles should cover all city break eventualities.

3. A hat will protect your hair and skin from the sun and hide messy hair when the heat turns it into a frizzy mess. SPF is an essential as the sun's rays are just as strong in a city.

4.  If you're planning on visiting churches, take a light cardigan or pashmina to cover your shoulders (its respectful and some places won't let you in if you're not appropriately dressed). Likewise for cities like NYC that go crazy with the air conditioning, it might be boiling hot outside but shops and restaurants may be freezing!
Dress: Miss Selfridge, Sunglasses: ASOS.
Where: The summit of the Casa de Campo cable car.
Dress: Joy, Hat: bought in Australia a few years ago.
Where: Boating in the Retiro Park.

Dress: Forever 21.
Where: Posing in the stands of Real Madrid's football stadium.

If all else fails - just dress as a giant milkshake and enjoy your holiday!
What are your city break packing tips?


  1. That last picture is quality lily!

  2. Those are awesome tips! I did all of them when I went to Berlin although I really under estimated how warm it was going to be!

  3. Your outfits are so cute. Looks like you had a blast.

    I love the rolling tip. I always use that when I'm packing to go away. Usually means I can sneak in a couple of extra items :)

  4. Nice photos and great packing tips! :) I love your sunglasses x

  5. You look lovely here, I love your bright patterns :)

    Maria xxx


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