Saturday, 24 August 2013

Review: ModelCo Fibre Lashxtend Mascara

I hadn't heard of ModelCo until Glamour magazine had freebies of their products a couple of months ago. Being a bit of a mascara hoarder, I couldn't resist the chance to try another so hunted down an issue with the mascara. Having not heard anything about the brand, I wasn't really sure what to expect - it retails for £28 (here) which is far more than I'd usually spend on a mascara.

After using it for the first time, I was quite disappointed. A few strokes of the wand and my lashes looked no different. I persevered and found that a good 4-5 coats are needed for a sufficient amount of mascara to transfer onto my lashes. The formula is very dry and leaves my lashes looking a bit "dusty", as I apply more coats of this I can really feel the fibres on my lashes. On the (rather small) plus side, it does build good volume and with a coat of my usual mascara on top I end up with long, thick looking lashes. It doesn't flake or smudge during the day and comes off easily with a swipe of Bioderma. I always give honest reviews and while this isn't a terrible mascara, I would not have been happy if I'd spent £28 on it - I've used better mascaras that cost a quarter of that price. I'll use this until it dries out more but definitely won't be re-purchasing it. 
Fibre Lashxtend - Extreme Black Lengthening Mascara
The mascara has a traditional bristle brush. I usually prefer comb style brushes as find these can be quite messy but the brush head is small enough that it doesn't make a blobby mess around my eyes.
The mirror on the back of the tube is a nice touch (probably my favourite thing about the mascara).
4-5 coats. You can see the length that this gives (good) but that close-up its starting to clump. Nothing that a swipe of my usual mascara on top can't fix but for £28 it should be a standalone mascara and not a rather fiddly basecoat. 
Have you tried this mascara? What's your favourite mascara at the moment?


  1. Your lashes look amazing! It definitely makes me want to try it even despite the few cons. Eek!

    -Elodie x

  2. I found this disappointing too, I thought mine had dried up initially! Definitely not one to buy!

    Maria xxx


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