Saturday, 3 August 2013

Insta-Updates: Summertimes

1. Living the 90's childhood dream - ear cuff and friendship bracelets.

2 . My mummy came to stay for the weekend: The Diner - we shared the Hawaiian burger, the Po-Boy and a side of sweet potato fries.

3. Brick Lane - Ethopian street food.

4. Taking the Emirates Airline across the river to the 02.

5. Michael Buble - our seats were about as far back as it was possible to be but the atmosphere was great and Mr Buble puts on a good show. And he can work a tux.

6 - 8. Up early after the concert to explore Colombia Road flower market (my first visit) and eat bagels for breakfast.

9. The Color Run - running around Wembley Stadium on one of the hottest days of the year getting pelted with coloured powder was a strange, but very enjoyable, experience. As was getting the tube home afterwards.

10. Reading "Americanah" on my lunchbreak with bright nails.

11. Byron before seeing the Cripple of Inishmann - the play was quite odd, I'm not sure if it was meant to be funny or not but Daniel Radcliffe's Irish accent was pretty good.

12. Pizza picnic - reading a vouchercodes email paid off as this was 99p!

13. Trying Pinkberry's new salted caramel flavour - it was amazing.

14. Back to Colombia Road - the weather has been so nice that another early morning visit felt necessary. Felt a bit self indulgent so bought myself some flowers.

15. My parents and I stopped by the Whitecross Street Party on our way back from Duck & Waffle.

16. Loving the Barry M textured polish - they are so easy to apply and dry really fast. This one is called "Kingsland Road".

17. Book of Mormon. This had been in my diary for over half a year so glad to finally have seen it after all the hype.

18. Dishoom for dinner. On a stifling hot evening, sitting in the restaurant with the ceiling fans on and all the windows open to the street actually felt like being in India.

19. I picked up this Barry M Limited Edition last week. Yellow toenails probably only look good int he summer.

20. I played hostess to some blogging pals - made up for my lack of kitchen facilities and the thunderstorm outside by having an indoor picnic (mostly consisting of cake).



  1. Friendship bracelets... ahhh love them!!

    I was going to buy loads from Bournemouth pier a few weeks ago and I'm super annoyed I didn't now!!

    Love your blog btw!!


  2. Looks like you are having an amazing summer! :-)

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