Friday, 16 August 2013

Graduate Fashion: Lisa McConniffe

Today I'm thinking about the world of fashion, what does it really mean to be "fashionable" and who or what will inspire the trends and fashions of the future?

I am by no means a "fashion" expert, I didn't study fashion and don't work in anything fashion-related, I'm really just an enthusiastic amateur when it comes to all things "fashionable". Writing a blog about, amongst other things, fashion sometimes makes me worry that people will think I'm putting myself out there as a fashion expert or that I think myself "fashionable". In reality, I wear what I wear because I like it and while my real life friends might consider me on top of the trends, in fashion circles I'd probably be scorned for wearing Primark and owning a pair of Uggs. Blogging has definitely made me more trend-aware and had me jumping on some bandwagons that I might have otherwise let pass me by but my style and approach to dressing hasn't changed an awful much. I'm still very much the outsider looking in on this crazy little world, but very much liking what I see.

That said, I do love to see what's on the catwalk and every year when the graduate collections come out its great to see the emerging talent and potentially spot the trendmakers of the future. These beautiful images are from Manchester School of Art graduate Lisa McConniffee's graduate collection.  I love the bright colours (everyone should wear more colour), diaphanous shapes and tassel accessories. The "Colourful Sikh Warriors" collection is inspired by the construction of turbans which is immediately apparent in the folding and draping of the fabric. While these outfits might not be suitable for my day to day life there are always elements you can pick up on - a bright tassel necklace is on my to-buy (or even to-make) list for a quick and easy style update.

You can vote for Lisa's collection in the MUUSE x Vogue Talents 2013 competition (and browse the other entries) here.

Do you find inspiration in graduate collections?

Images published with permission from Lisa McConniffe.

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