Thursday, 15 August 2013

Froyo Love

It might be another Blogger Cliche but I do love froyo. I'm not an ice cream fan (it tastes of cream, ugh!) and lollies are a no-go area due to my fear of wooden sticks (really) but might be love. No. 13 on this list is definitely me, those of you who follow me on Instagram probably already knew that.

1 - 2. Snog - Snog has a special place in my heart due to the name and because it was the first froyo I tried in London. I love the green tea flavour the most although it sadly hasn't been on offer for my last couple of visits (although there is always original and a couple of guest flavours). Get the Snog Special which comes with three toppings and a special spoon which you can keep to eat your cereal with (well that's what I do).

3 - 5. Pinkberry - Conveniently located in the Selfridges foodhall, Pinkberry is a frequent dessert stop after week night dinners. Restaurant desserts are usually a let down and froyo convinces me that its somehow healthier anyway. Toppings are generous - as many as can fit in the cup - and flavours can be combined. I always get the original and try a new flavour alongside it, the most recent addition of salted caramel is amazing.

6. Yoo Moo - I've only visited Yoo Moo once in Canary Wharf but love the self service element, you can try a bit of every flavour and mix naughty and nice combinations in your preferred ratio (I went for mostly fruit and a token Oreo).

7 - 8. A new favourite, Tutti Frutti is located in Covent Garden and is also self service. Tutti Fruitti has a huge flavour selection and also does non-dairy soy froyo so great for vegans and dairy-avoiders. Again, the toppings are self serve too and its paid for by weight.

Are you a froyo fan?  Where should I try next? I have Samba Swirl on my list already and if you're in/visiting the US then Red Mango is amazing!


  1. I've never tried froyo! But it looks delicious. And I also have a fear of wooden sticks, especially against my teeth... and drying wooden spoons *shudders*

  2. Love this post...fro yo is too good!

  3. We don't have any fro-yo places up here close to where I live, but they all look SO good!!

    Jennie xo |

  4. Oh seriously I am so jealous, no where up here seems to do froyo! That all looks amazing :-)

  5. Strawberry froyo is a perfect example of a healthy vice! You get to satisfy your cravings for sweets and at the same time eat fruits. Keep on discovering healthy topping combinations, Lily!

    -Chad Parker @ FreshAndHealthyBrands


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