Thursday, 1 August 2013

Five Guys

So this is another burger blog post. Us Londoners can't seem to breathe at the moment without another burger place opening (the heat is making me really melodramatic today). In the last few weeks both Shake Shack and Five Guys have opened, within a stone's throw of one another.

I keep thinking that I am "over" burgers but then I feel bad for being a bit of a spoilsport and the curiosity (and other people's Instagram pictures) gets the better of me. My friend P and I headed to Five Guys for a quick dinner before seeing Book of Mormon last week. At 6pm the queue had already snaked around the corner, tourists walking past looked rather confused. The queue moved fast though and once inside we had no problems getting a table to eat at.

The menu is more extensive than many burger places. There are smaller options (appreciated given that the heatwave has resulted in crop tops being a realistic outfit option) and I even spotted a couple of veggie options which is unusual but probably very welcomed by veggies who are sick of just having the chips when their carnivorous friends want burgers. I opted for a "Little Cheeseburger" which actually wasn't so little, the regular burgers are all doubles which is why they can seem a bit pricey but they're actually huge. The Little Cheeseburger was around £5 which is pretty good for a freshly made, decent-sized burger. We shared a regular side of chips which was a big portion although I wasn't a fan of the chips - they were far too fat and not salty enough for my liking although I'm not really a "chips" person anyway so I'm definitely not the best person to judge them.

There are peanuts to help yourself to while you wait.
I'm a Diet Coke obsessive so free refills and different flavours was the highlight for me. I had a Cherry Diet Coke and a Vanilla Diet Coke. Goin' wild.
The decor is simple but very all-American.
After ordering, you wait to pick up your burger. They don't have any food sitting around, everything is made fresh.
Little Cheeseburger. You can choose as many toppings as you like to go in your burger - I opted for lettuce, tomato, pickle (yeah, I love pickles but don't like chips) and hot sauce. The burger was cooked well done but wasn't dry and the bun was really good - soft and slightly sweet.

I liked Five Guys more than I thought I would. The burgers aren't quite up there with Patty & Bun but its good value and bottomless Diet Coke is never a bad thing. And, if its good enough for Barack Obama then I'm definitely willing to give Five Guys the thumbs up.

Have you braved the queue yet?


  1. This is on my list next to try - hoping it'll be better than Shack Shake!

  2. I'm not a massive burger fan but could make an exception for here.


  4. This looks fab, my stomach is grumbling so loudly!

    Maria xxx

  5. I never get tired of burger blog posts, because I don't get to experience these food places what with being so far from London. I'm loving everyone recommendations, nothing quite like a good burger to fill a hungry tum! Makes me happy! x


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