Saturday, 20 July 2013

Trust Me On The Sunscreen

With the weather in London being so amazing at the moment, suncream (or sunscreen but that sounds weird when said in a British accent) has become an essential part of my daily routine (my hairdryer and most of my make-up have now become optional).

We all know that suncream is important but its a product that can be hard to love or even like. Early childhood memories of being smeared in thick white cream on the beach provided a rocky start to my relationship with suncream but I've been determined to find ones that I enjoy using as I know its important and I'm vain and terrified of getting wrinkles or age spots. Aged leather may be a good look for a Mulberry bag but isn't one I want to be wearing on my face anytime soon. I try to think of that when my friends give me odd looks for whipping out my factor 50 in London.

Here are my current favourites:

1. Neova Z-Silc SPF 30 - I was recommended this during a consultation at Sk:n a couple of years ago as an everyday suncream that wouldn't irritate my sensitive skin or cause break-outs. Before purchasing this I'd only used suncream on my face on holiday as every brand I tried caused breakouts and left my skin feeling greasy. I try to use this everyday before make-up as the sun doesn't only damage our skins when we're on our yearly summer break (although I do cut myself some slack from November - February when I leave for and return from work in the dark). Once it has sunk it I forget I've even applied it and it doesn't feel like a chore to put it on my face every morning. I can't find this on the Sk:n website but Neova is available on Amazon (although it is quite pricey). 

2. Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch SPF 100+ - Suncream might not be an exciting purchase but this is one of the products I was desperate to get my hands on in NYC last year after seeing it on US blogs. I picked it up on a spree in Wallgreens on my first day in the city, that's dedication to suncream for you! This is so nice to apply, it's not at all greasy and doesn't leave my skin feeling sticky and grimy in the heat. I've been using this since the heatwave started and haven't burned despite spending over five hours sitting in the sun at a BBQ and running two 5km races outdoors. I'm not usually one for sunbathing as my pale skin doesn't really tan but having been deprived of sunlight for so long I'm actually quite enjoying sitting out in it and topping up my vitamin D levels! I've not seen anything above SPF 50 for sale in the UK so I'll definitely be stocking up on this next time I'm in the US as it really suits my skin and definitely works.

3. Oy! Organic Young SPF 15 face the sun moisturiser - My Neova suncream is annoyingly in a 105ml tube so can't come with me on hand luggage only holidays. I purchased the Organic Young suncream at the Vitality Show as I liked the idea of it being natural and thought it would be less irritating to my skin. My mum and I used this on our recent holiday to Tenerife and we both loved it. It smells lovely, isn't greasy and is great for applying under make up as once its rubbed in it doesn't feel like you're wearing anything on your skin. Available on Green People's website here.

4. Soltan Baby SPF 50 - Drugstore suncreams are not usually my friend but I needed a small bottle for throwing in my handbag and decided to give this a try. I'm quite enjoying baby products in general at the moment (more on this in another post soon) and this is no exception. It doesn't irritate my skin like "adult" Soltan does, rubs in quickly and is great for popping in my handbag for top-ups. 

5. Ultrasun SPF 30 Face - I received this in a goodie bag from a John Lewis event last year but didn't open it until this year. The packaging looks quite functional and not particularly exciting so it remained in my samples box for a while. It promises to prevent skin aging and is fragrance-free so I decided to give it a go and loved it. I find this really moisturising so don't need to apply a separate moisturiser beforehand which saves time and it promises to prevent skin aging. I'll be taking this on my next holiday as its a higher SPF than the Organic Young product. Ultrasun is also available on Amazon

What is your favourite suncream?


  1. I use the same Neutrogena SPF 100! I think it feels alright on the skin. I HATE wearing sunscreen, but if I must, that's what I use.

    Life of Mabel

  2. I have been blown away by the Apivita suncream, it's brilliant and they do a special facial one too which doesn't break me out WOO xx

    Gemma | ♥ Miss Makeup Magpie

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