Monday, 1 July 2013

The Office

Can you believe that I've been working for almost two years? I still wake up some days thinking that I have missed the school bus. Now that I am making my way (hopefully) in the working world, its time to revamp my working wardrobe. This Oasis dress was actually chosen for me by my dad, he thought it'd be perfect for smartening up my image and work (it is and I love it!).
Dress: Oasis. Shoes: Dune
I love dresses as they are so easy to just throw on and go. Summer calls for bare legs and simple heels. I tied my hair back to show off the neckline on the dress and kept it simple with the accessories - sometimes a classic watch and simple diamond stud earrings are all you need.

What do you wear to work?


  1. Daddy lipstick has good taste it seems!

  2. Papa Lipstick has good taste! Love the detailing around the shoulders. (:

  3. Well done Dad! Can't believe he picked it out himself!

  4. Dad picks out great lipstick! Loving the dress too xx

  5. Love the dress, I can wear what I want to work but I do like a good shift dress!

    Maria xxx

  6. I'm impressed your dad picked this! My dad would have been hopeless. The dress looks lovely, I like the shoulder detail. x

  7. That looks so smart on you, sometimes I wish I could dress a bit smarter for work!

  8. this dress looks lovely on you! My work uniform is mostly made up of printed pants and long sleeved tops - quite boring really! haha


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