Friday, 12 July 2013

The Mascara Wardrobe

I collect mascaras. I have about 20 which is inexcusable but these are the ones that I have on the go at the moment, the "mascara wardrobe" if you will. Apologies for the lack of lash photos, they will resume once hayfever season is over.

17 Waterproof, 17 Doll'd Up, Covergirl Lash Blast Volume, George Lash Extend, L'Oreal Volume Million Excess
I needed a waterproof mascara for my recent holiday to Tenerife. Boots was out of my tried and tested Maybelline Great Lash Waterproof so I settled for this one. Like most waterproof mascaras, its quite dry and doesn't give a lot of volume but it does the job and is definitely sea, pool and sweat-proof.
My favourite budget mascara. I got this for £2 with a Boots voucher and I'm so glad I picked it up, despite not needing it. The curved brush is amazing for picking up every lash, it makes my lashes look super long and the curl lasts all day. It's almost as good as Benefit's They're Real but is a quarter of the price.
One of my favourite purchases from NYC last summer. This is available in Boots - CoverGirl is MaxFactor in the UK but it is double the price that it is in the US (not cool). Gives nicely volumised lashes and this has lasted ages without drying out.
This was in the goodie bag at the George event I attended earlier in the summer. I've not tried any other George make-up but this mascara is pretty good for a supermarket own brand. It's not particularly volumising but is a great "every day" mascara.
This is my second Volume Million mascara bur the first time I've tried the "Excess" variety. I'm usually really impressed with L'Oreal mascaras and this one doesn't disappoint. The brush is really flexible and coats every lash, it's super black and I've been asked a few times if my lashes are real when wearing this (they are!) which is definitely the sign of a good mascara.
What's in your mascara wardrobe at the moment? What do I need to try next?

Small print: The George mascara came in a goodie bag from a George event. I paid for everything else (apart from the L'Oreal which my mummy bought for me).


  1. I couldn't agree more about the George mascara - it's currently my everyday one! I do find it a little wet and it goes on my lids but nothing a cotton bud can't fit!

  2. So many mascaras! It's so hard to find one that actually works. X

  3. Lily you have an addiction!

  4. I'm a total mascara junkie. If I see a mascara commercial, or see a mascara display at a store, I buy it. I don't even know how many mascaras I have! My favorite at the moment is Maybelline The Falsies Big Eyes. It's a big brush for the upper lashes and a tiny brush for the lower lashes, so every lash gets some product. It makes my eyes look huge!

    Life of Mabel

  5. Great posting! Have you tried L'Oreal's False Lash Flutter yet? It's growing on me! I am a mascara junkie too, but I only really use one at a time, due to them drying out so darn quickly!



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