Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Lunchtime Treats: Salvation Jane

Living and working in London means that lunchtimes are often a choice between Pret, Itsu, Eat and Pod. The same chains seem to spring up every few streets and its easy to get into the habit of getting the same lunch over and over again (I used to be addicted to the Superfood Salad in Pret, I realised I had a problem when I once had it four times in a week).

A few Fridays ago, Aisling and I decided to treat ourselves to a proper sit down lunch at Salvation Jane. I'd popped in for coffee a few times and it had been on my list to try the food. So glad that I finally got around to it, the food was amazing and it was definitely a nice we-made-it-through another week treat.

Aisling had the spicy pork burger which came with a side salad. I had one of the daily tarts (mushroom, parmesan and rocket) which came with two of the daily salads (carrot and feta and roasted vegetable cous cous). Aisling had a homemade lemonade and I got my caffeine fix with an iced soya latte.
Close up.
The choice of food was great - usually I struggle to find one thing on the menu I like the sound of but here I was torn between a few dishes. I also want a repeat visit to try one of the amazing looking cakes. Service was quick and we didn't feel rushed on an hour's lunch break. 

At around £14 each it's a little more pricey than a regular lunch but given that we had table service and the portions were far more substantial and satisfying than a humble sandwich it felt like good value for money for a city lunch and an end of week treat. If you're really looking to treat yourself than the cocktail menu looks pretty tempting. Maybe not a good idea if you are heading back to the office for a few more hours work before the weekend though.

What's your favourite working lunch?


  1. I wish we had choices like that here! The best I can hope for is marks and spencer!

  2. Yuuum, these both look amazing, such good value for money! I'm having a dalliance with Eat and YouMeSushi recently - eek! xx

  3. There is this amazing sushi restaurant that we go to sometimes, I love it!

  4. Yum yum yum! I should become a shareholder in Pret, they take all my money!!

  5. Oh this looks amazing!

    Maria xxx

  6. There's a Salvation Jane right by my new office- I'll definately pop by in my first week of work! Looks yummy. x


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