Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Insta-Updates: July

1. Breaking the magazine ban big-time. Summer freebies are always a winner.

2. Lunch at The Delaunay with my parents, salad hiding under cheese.

3. My first time trying corguette fries at Byron. I've never had a burger in Byron (starting to get burger bordom, anyone else feeling this too?) but would go back just for these.

4. Buying quarter-life crisis jewellery in New Look. I'm definitely too old for the ear cuff trend but do I care? Not really. Ok, maybe a little as I haven't actually worn it yet.

5. Pastel nails courtesy of the Glamour beauty giveaway. I never do pastels but liked how this made me look a tiny bit more tanned.

6. Tidied my room at my parents' house and found my 2003 diary. Ten years ago I was going to Linkin Park concerts and already berating myself for eating chocolate muffins.

7. Motel party goodie bag.

8. Eating sweets for dinner at the Motel event.

9 - 10. Dinner at Itadaki Zen, a vegan Japanese restaurant near Kings Cross. Udon noodles, vegan sugar free cupcakes (had to try them and wasn't disappointed) and soya milk tea.

11. Standard Zizzi choice, superfood salad.

12. Brunch at Christopher's. I had blueberry pancakes which came with maple syrup and blueberry sauce.

13 - 15. Swimwear themed fun, a lovely goodie bag and mini cupcakes at the Vevie event with Michelle last week.

16. I manage to complete a Nero loyalty card once a year so always get something ridiculously sweet to celebrate. Banana and caramel soya frappe.

17. Dinner at Tibits.

18. Marie Claire with a free Eyeko eyeliner and a free Elemis Serum with this month's Zest. Oh how we have failed the no magazines ban.

19. Love in the City. When the sun is out I really feel like I live in the best place in the entire world. The rest of the time I am planning my exit to sunnier climes.

21 - 22. Brunch at Delaunay - lots of coffee and eggs Arlington. Possibly the most perfect poached eggs I've ever eaten. 

22. Wimbledon snacks with friends - ice cream, berries, sprinkles and an upside down cone. Compensation for not being able to get into an outdoor screen but at least we avoided sunburn and had a giant jug of Pimms.

23. Matching my nails and dress.

24. Stylight goodie bag. Hello, new gym bag.

What have Instagramming lately? Let me know your Instagram user name in the comments below - I'm LilyLipstick.


  1. I'm starting to tire of burgers too. What's happening to us?!

  2. If a magazine has something free with it then you didn't break the ban :) x

  3. Interesting post, thanks for sharing <3

  4. great post - the freebies have been good on mags this month! following your blog now <3

    from helen at thelovecatsinc // bloglovin

    ps. check out my new giveaway to win a big goodie bag of drugstore favourites! click here.

  5. I've been Instagraming fruit in the shape of faces and the roses growing in my garden :) You can find me at shipshpaebf

  6. Haha I adore the Stylight bag too!


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