Sunday, 14 July 2013


Sometimes, outfit photos are just too much of a faff. Especially when you've already texted a friend "On my way!" when in fact you are still engaged in a heels v. flats debate or when its 30 degrees outside and your main priority is "how long until I have a frappucino in my hand" (and the sauna like conditions of your flat have made not using a hairdryer seem like a very good idea). Real Life sometimes doesn't allow time for the tripod to be found, the camera to be set up and ten different outfit shots to be taken so here are some little Instagram outfit snaps which probably feature items I may have worn before, as occasionally happens in Real Life:

Sunday Brunch. Dress - Camden Lock Market, Jacket - H&M, Necklace - Vintage (via my mother).
Work Summer Party. Dress - Mango, Necklace c/o Stylight.
BBQ. Dress - Lipsy c/o Very, Sandals - M&S.
Midnight Cinema. Dress - Forever 21, Belt - Vintage (via my mother).
Wimbledon Final. Playsuit - New Look, Bracelet- Spain circa 1998.
iPhone cash throughout - Swash. Watch and rings - blogger's own.
How often do you take outfit pictures?


  1. Aww, love this! All my outfit posts are like this, because my digital camera is crap and I only really use my iPhone camera. I tell myself its more 'real' right?
    Especially like the first outfit!
    -Sarah x

  2. Outfit posts are a thing of the past on my blog because I'm just too lazy! I did a month in instagram outfits a while back which was really fun (and easy!) to do. You've just inspired me to take it up again Lily!

    - Tabitha at x

  3. All my outfit posts now are just iPhone shots now,I wish I had the time to get the tripod out!

  4. Adore all of these, especially the playsuit!

  5. That playsuit is Hawt lily!

  6. Love this outfit round up. You have such a cute selection of dresses.

  7. Ooh I love those first two outfits Lily, really need to get myself a light denim jacket. I take all my outfit photos on a Sunday afternoon between activities hahaha! xx

  8. Cute, Loving all the outfits


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