Friday, 5 July 2013

A Day At The Cricket

For someone who used to have nightmares at the idea of P.E. lessons, I've become increasingly sporty in the last couple of years. More time than I like to admit is taken up watching sport and since signing up for a half marathon I spent a fare amount of my time in sportswear (although these outfits seem not to make it onto my blog somehow). I recently won tickets to see Oxford v Cambridge at Lord's and decided to treat my mummy to a day at the cricket:
Because this is still a fashion blog. Outfit: Joy dress, Vintage jacket, Mulberry bag, YSL Ring.
Our seats were in a private box with a great view of the game. When we arrived the sun was shining and play had just started.
Blue skies and the media centre.
The members' area.
Just before lunchtime, the rain started. Seeking warmth and food we found ourselves in the restaurant. Artichoke salad to start. Play resumed while we ate our food - my sort of sport watching.
It is a truth universally acknowledged that when presented with a two-course menu, I will opt for a main and a dessert (I don't see the point of starters). Chocolate mouse with salted caramel, caramalised nuts and dark chocolate straws.
The weather continued to be its usual British self. We headed to the museum to learn more about the history of cricket and so that I could make some new friends.
The rain was here to stay. The covers went out and the pitch started to flood. Typical. We called it a day on our cricketing experience and headed to Starbucks to warm up.
Based on my first experience of watching cricket, I think I like it. I may not understand all the rules quite yet but I'm sure I'll learn them in time. Visiting Lord's was a great experience and this felt like such a refined way to enjoy sport. I'll see you at Wimbledon next (I'll be on the sofa with a glass of Pimms as I wasn't lucky in the ballot this year).

Are you a cricket fan?


  1. Lord's is undoubtedly the best cricket ground in the world!!! Great pics <3
    Looking forward to the Ashes series in the coming week!

  2. whilst i'm not a maaaaajor fan of cricket i really had to say that i think your outfit looks really sophisticated; i'm officially a fan, and glad i came across your blog!


    girl from the third floor

  3. I see the mulberry has come to play!

  4. I love cricket so much. One of my favourite games to see live. Looks like a fun day!

  5. Love the outfit! I'm never quite sure about cricket but if they had food like that I'd be there ;-)

  6. You look lovely and that food sounds ace!

    Maria xxx


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