Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Stylight: My Thoughts

Since starting my blog I've dabbled with a few "fashion communities". I signed up to Lookbook and Chictopia when I first started out but my usage of them gradually fizzled out. I'm also on Pinterest but haven't quite caught the Pinterest bug and my boards tend to get a bit abandoned aside from a monthly pinning spree when I remember to log in!

When I heard about Stylight, a new fashion community I was intrigued. I've signed up and thought I'd give my thoughts on the site:

Setting up a profile is quick and easy, mine is here. You can then select your "hearted items" and pick a few people to follow to get started.

Then, set up your boards. The "board" function is very similar to Pinterest. My favourite feature with the Boards is that you can either "heart" items from other people's boards or you can sync with your Instagram feed so if you have taken a picture of an item you want in a shop and Instagrammed it (as I'm sure many of us do), you can upload it straight onto your board. Ditto with outfits - its great to be able to skip that step of phone-to-laptop-to-internet when you can just select your photos straight from your Instagram feed. Stylight also syncs with Twitter and Facebook so you can link all of your social media platforms, say if you have a Facebook page for your blog or want to Tweet your "hearted" items to your followers.

My outfits board showing some of my recent Instagram mirror snaps. Unlike Pinterest, you cannot "heart" items directly from another webpage to get them onto your boards but you can add a picture from a website or from your own blog by using the image URL so its simple enough.

Another feature I really like is that it gives me UK available items with prices in pounds. Part of the reason I never fully engaged with Chictopia was that I found it very US-centric. By selecting the "women" tab at the top of the page you can browse clothing and accessories and either add them to one of your boards, for example, a wishlist, or be taken to the online store where you can buy the item. The ability to search through pieces is great if you're looking for something particular - the range of brands and prices are really big so you're bound to find what you are looking for or make some new discoveries of brands or pieces that you weren't previously aware of. Could be dangerous!

I like how Stylight can be used both in a "social media" way by following other users and "hearting" items on their boards or as a shopping tool to browse and buy items. It's still early days for Stylight and its success will ultimately depend on how many users sign up and regularly "heart" items. I do feel that the social media landscape is quite full but given how a few years ago we didn't have many of the platforms we now use daily it seems like there's always room for something else!

Will you be signing up to Stylight?



  1. I signed up for this a while back and I never ever used it. I can't keep up with Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, email, or my own blog! I think Stylight is cool, though :)

    Life of Mabel

  2. Great post, very helpful! Would love for you to check out my blog if you get a chance:)
    Penny ROse

  3. I've just signed up as well, looking forward to getting more familiar with it!


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