Sunday, 23 June 2013

Midweek Eating: The Yo Burger

Regular readers of my blog may have gathered that I have a slight obsession with sushi and occasionally dabble in the world of burgers. When I heard that Yo Sushi had launched a burger I knew it was something that I had to try. Burgers are still having their moment so why shouldn't a sushi restaurant get involved? I persuaded my friend P that he wanted to try one too:

There are five burgers to choose from, including a veggie option. They are all £8 each and come with crackers and a side salad. I opted for the salmon burger and my friend P opted for the tilapia burger (which I think looks like a sushi version of a McDonalds Fillet o'Fish!).
I loved the presentation - the tray and wrapping gives it a "fast food" theme while still being Japanese style with the bento box compartments.
The unwrapped burger. The burger "bun" is made of rice which worked better than I thought it would as a bun. It was quite messy to eat but super tasty and definitely worth grappling with. The burger is quite small - I guess it would be harder to eat and make if it were bigger although the filling had a lot of flavour so it smaller size was compensated for in taste.
Sitting at the counter watching the sushi move past while you eat is quite a temptation. We had some edamane beans to share to start and I couldn't resist a plate of mochi for dessert.
The Yo Burger was definitely a fun food to try. I'm not sure if I'll be back for another - I think I prefer actual sushi and actual burgers. At £8 its pretty good value although the portion is quite small. You can always grab a couple of things off the coveyor belt like we did and I do love the endless supply of fizzy water at Yo Sushi. The burger is limited edition so if you're curious about what a sushi burger is like then make sure you try one soon!

Sushi burger - yay or nay?


  1. I'm not sure how I feel about this but I will have to give it a go!

    Maria xxx

  2. Oh wow, I would definitely give this a go! Sushi + Burgers is basically combining my two favourite things!

  3. I'm a little embarrassed to admit how exciting this news has gotten me! I've never been to Yo Sushi before, on account of hating fish, but this chicken burger looks pretty darn good and £8 is a great price. May have to twist Ed's arm and convince him we need to take a trip there...

    - Tabitha x

  4. This is confusing me a great deal lily!

  5. I didn't know that they did burgers :-)

  6. I absolutely love burgers :) not sure I'm brave enough for a sushi burger, but may try it! Xxx

  7. My friend loves Yo Sushi but i've never been so I definitely need to go along :) <3


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