Sunday, 2 June 2013

May Empties

I've been doing my best to avoid "accidentally" entering Boots and my beauty products stash is starting to look a little more reasonable. I had a big clear out of all the things that are old, out of date or just things I'd realistically never use - if you haven't had a product detox in a while then do it. Now. You'll feel like a better person for it.

Aussie 3MM, Rituals Zensation shower gel, No 7 Protect and Perfect eye cream, Primark face wipes, L'Oreal Superliner, Cutex Nail Polish Remover, 17 Pressed Powder
1. Aussie's 3MM is a bit of a cult product. I kept this one in my gym bag as the squeezy bottle means no leaking all over my possessions. It smells amazing, leaves my hair super soft and you only need a small blob so it lasts forever. I still have a bottle of this in my stash from my Aussie Angel days to use.

2. Rituals Zensation foaming shower gel. My mum picked this up for me at a John Lewis event. I'm not usually a fan of foaming shower gels but loved this one. It smells so good, one of those products that makes your bathroom smell nice for the whole day that you've used it. Normally my shower gels come from the "special offer" selection so it was nice to use something a bit high end for a change.

3. No 7 Protect and Perfect eye cream. I've been using eyecream since I was 15 and first read a magazine article about something that I probably shouldn't have had any concerns about at the age of 15. That will be you, WRINKLES. My mum gave me this as she didn't like the Protect and Perfect range. The tiny pot lasted me forever and was a great base for under concealer in the mornings and to pop on before bed when I remembered. I'm not sure if its stopped wrinkles developing but it might be worth a try as its a lot more affordable than other anti-aging products. My only complaint is that I'd prefer it to be in a tube as I don't like putting fingers into pots.

4. Primark face wipes. These were picked up on a whim at the Primark tills. They are £1 for two packs so hard to resist, really. I'm not a huge fan of wipes in general and really don't recommend that you only use wipes in the evening (I used to be guilty of this and feel disgusted at my former self). These are not the best wipes I've ever used but they do the job and have a fresh tea-tree scent. I kept these in my gym bag to use before after work sessions as I hate exercising with make-up on.

5. L'Oreal Superliner. I've been using this liquid eyeliner for around four years and wear flicky liner every day as I'm not convinced I look weird without it. This one was from the "luminize" range and promised coloured pigments to enhance the eyes. I have to say that I was disappointed with this, the colour was a dull, flat navy rather than the glossy black that the regular Superliner delivers. It felt like the nib was much thicker so it didn't give as clean a line and dried out faster, too (usually one of these lasts me a year). It still had the ease of application and staying power of the original but I'm much happier to have gone back to my beloved Carbon Gloss.

6. Cutex nail polish remover. An essential for anyone who ever wears nail polish. This did the job just fine.

7. 17 Miracle Matte pressed powder. I'm not having much luck with powders at the moment, this one also suffered from being dropped on a hard floor and shattering. I need to start being more careful. This is definitely my favourite pressed powder to use, I'll cry if 17 ever stop making it. Luckily it is inexpensive and 17 had a 3 for 2 offer when I restocked so I have enough back ups to not worry about any future clumsiness.

What products have you finished this month?


  1. I always find there's something so satisfying about doing an empties post. I have a rituals shower Gel to use up

  2. lov those wipes from primark! -tea-tree is great!
    nina -


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