Friday, 24 May 2013

Treat Eats: Patty & Bun

Burgers are still taking London by storm. I'm not sure what the next "food trend" will be but at the moment it seems as if we still haven't got our fill of them yet (approaching bikini season will probably do little to change this). A group of us blogger types headed to Patty and Bun for A's birthday to get our burger fix. 
Patty & Bun is tucked away on a side street behind Selfridges. On a sunny evening, the queue outside is not too arduous, the front of the restaurant opens onto the street and Jay-Z and 90s garage blast out.

We waited about 45 minutes for a table for 8 of us. If there are only 2 of you it will be faster. The menu is short and sweet. I didn't get any of the cultural references in the burger names. Apparently "Ari" has something to do with Entourage. Clue. Less.
We ordered a range of the burgers on offer and 3 sides of fries and 3 portions of wings. The portion sizes of the sides are generous and definitely affable to sharing.
I ordered the Hot Chic burger. Chicken and veggie options are sometimes hard to come by but P&B offers both. The buttermilk chicken was super tasty and the topping spilled out of the bun - no scrimping here! Knifes and forks are provided for those who don't want to attempt to pick up such a beast.

The chips were perfectly crisp and salty. I don't like fat chips but these passed my strict chip parameters. The wings were the biggest surprise for me - I had heard that they were good but wings aren't usually my thing. I am so glad I tried these, they are unlike any other wings I've had. Super soft chicken that falls off of the bones in a sweet, sticky sauce. Try them. Even if you think you won't like them.
Patty & Bun is a rather intimate experience - the tables are rammed close together and the food is really messy. Go with good friends who won't judge you for licking sauce off of your fingers. Or just fail to care as you do just that, it's worth it.

Service was fast and friendly - our waiter was a little bemused at serving a table of bloggers and our incessant food photography! Prices are reasonably for quality burgers in central London - I paid around £13 for my burger, a share of the sides and an obligatory Diet Coke.

Quite possibly the best burger and burger-eating experience so far. 

Have you tried Patty & Bun?


  1. This is at the top of my list!

  2. Oh man I so want to go baaaaack!

  3. I can't believe it's called Patty and BUN! My most used word 'Bun'.

  4. I'm now starving hungry! Return trip soon plz!

  5. This looks AMAZING, definitely need to try this out!

    Maria xxx


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