Thursday, 16 May 2013

Ted Baker: Summer Style Picks

I was recently contacted by "Ted" about their spring/summer blogger competition. Here is my entry and favourite picks from their collection. This summer for me is definitely "wedding season" (how am I old enough to have friends getting married?) so the style challenges of dressing for friends' big days have inspired my choices:

This dress is so pretty - the demure neckline and hemline definitely make it wedding appropriate and I love the pop of red lace. There seem to be a lot of "rules" around wedding dressing, don't wear black, don't wear white, don't upstage the bride...I'd also recommend finding out what colour dresses the bridesmaids are wearing to avoid being mistaken for one if you're not!

Meeda Double Breasted Blazer.

For church weddings (and for the good old English summer weather) a jacket is definitely needed. I was torn between the pink and ecru but as its summer the pink won out. I really like how a classic piece has been taken out of office territory with the cropped sleeves and bright colour. After wedding season I'd wear this with casual outfits (and maybe to work if I were feeling brave).

Whicket Colour Block Bowler.

Finally, a bag. Weddings are often all day affairs so you will need all your essentials, plus an umbrella, tissues for any happy tears and some flats to deal with any walking-over-grass situations (or for when it gets to midnight and you've been wearing heels for twelve hours). A clutch bag isn't really going to cut it. Stash your confetti in the front pocket and please, please but your phone on silent.

Small print: This post is a competition entry. No freebies or payment involved.


  1. That dress is beautiful!

  2. Loving the dress - think it is perfect wedding style! I've also got my first 'fellow friend's wedding' (scary times! we're getting old!) this summer so need to figure out what to wear (argh!) - one more rule I've got is not to wear a similar colour dress to any bridesmaids... Especially if it's a maxi ;)


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