Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Pizza Party

Last week, I headed to Pizza Express for dinner with a difference - I would be making it myself. During drinks and nibbles (giant olives and salted almonds - yum!) we learned about the new summer menu which has some great options: a superfood salad for only 295 calories, a raspberry sorbet dessert for less than 100 calories and a gluten-free range (there's a gluten-free brownie and a gluten-free beer). I'm already a big fan of the Leggera pizzas so it's great to have some more healthy options so that eating out isn't always a hugely calorific affair.

The pizza kitchen, ready to go!
Showing us how its done. My attempts to roll out the dough were not too successful. It's harder than it looks but I got it vaguely circular in the end!
Toppings on after wrestling the dough into the tray and cutting out the centre. I went for a mix of tomatoes, pepperdew peppers and chicken. I think I put more toppings than the 500 calorie limit allowed. As the kids would say, YOLO.

The new superfood salad. This was so good - I love butternut squash and all the flavours were so fresh. Restaurant salads can sometimes be a bit lacklustre but this was so colourful and tasty that you won't (really) get pizza envy and you can be smug that you're getting all of your five a day. Take that, pizza.
Cooked and ready to eat. This might just be the first time I've cooked my own dinner. A good attempt if I say so myself. Diet Coke on the side, of course.
There's always room for a little dessert. This raspberry sorbet was so refreshing - raspberries just taste of summer to me!
What is your favourite pizza topping?


  1. An lily cook me some pizza please! I love the sound of the sorbet.

  2. I got invited to this event but couldn't make it, it looks like fun, and I will be checking out the new items on the menu!

  3. I was invited to this too, but couldn't go. It looks like so much fun!

  4. It looks like you had such a great time!

  5. This looks amazing! I love Pizza Express :) x

  6. Love it! Great blog, so I'm a New follower on GFC =)

  7. Ooh the pizza looks delicious!

    love from San Francisco,


  8. The pizza looks delicious! And it's healthy too, so that's a one-two punch. I sure wanna try that. Gone are the days when pizzas are 50% delicious and 50% bad for your health. We can now enjoy a scrumptious meal while being keen with our calorie intake. It's really nice, Lily! Carlene Boley

  9. "'s great to have some more healthy options so that eating out isn't always a hugely calorific affair." - Some restaurants today offer healthy options on their menu so that health buffs can still enjoy their meals. Some still innovate on their dishes to adjust to their customer's needs. I'm sure you'll enjoy other pizzerias that offer healthy ingredients. I hope you'll share the next places that you'll visit. :)


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