Friday, 17 May 2013

Office Florals

Summer may or may not be here. All I know is that for one day, it seemed pretty summery and black tights and a coat no longer were required in order to leave the house for work.

Dress: M&S, Shoes: Louboutin Simple Pump 100
"Summer workwear" presents a minefield of issues which I will save for another post as the tights have now come back out. This dress was a £20 bargain in the M&S Christmas sale - it may be black but the floral panel makes it summery enough and the material is really thin so definitely one to save for a sunny day. I've seen a lot of dresses with this symmetrical front panel detail - I like it and think that it's quite flattering so a couple more may work their way into my wardrobe.

How are you coping with the seasonal limbo we're facing at the moment?


  1. SO stunning, that dress is amazing on you! At the moment I'm all about dresses I can wear with tights or no tights, I wish summer would hurry up and arrive!

    Jennie xo |

  2. You have a really cute blog name! :D I love the print on this dress, and the black panels look like they'd be so slimming on a figure like mine :D xx

    Gemma | ♥

  3. Oh god I'm dreading hot summer work days. I don't want to blind the office with my white legs.
    Anyways I do love this, I never think to look in m&s and I don't really know why, this is gorgeous.


  4. That's a great dress. I may have to venture into M&S to get some summer workwear.


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